The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is one of the first cancer centres in the UK to use its own highly-trained nurses to deliver cancer treatments to patients in the community.

As one of the leading cancer centres in the country, we always strive to provide the best cancer care to the people we serve and are continually looking at how we can improve the patient experience to make the journey less stressful for patients. 

Clatterbridge in the Community (CiC) is a treatment service which has been developed by The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre to allow patients to receive a safe and efficient service closer to their own homes.

The nursing teams are based at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Wirral and at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Aintree.

The CiC teams travel to patients across Liverpool, St Helens, Southport, Ormskirk, Halton, Cheshire, Wirral and North Wales.

Who can have treatment with the Clatterbridge in the Community team?

Patients who receive a select number of medications have the opportunity to receive their treatment in the comfort of their own homes, workplace or another suitable community setting.

A clinical staff member or your consultant can refer you to the treatment service if they think you are suitable to receive your cancer treatment by our Clatterbridge in the Community team.  

How does the service work?

Our team of highly-trained specialist chemotherapy nurses from The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre will visit you to deliver your treatment. The treatment will be given in the same way as in a clinical setting except it will be in the comfort of your own home, work place or other community setting. The service is available during the week with locations allocated to set days.

A member of the nursing team will contact you to go through a short assessment.

You will then receive a reminder message one week before your appointment.

Our staff will try to accommodate requests as much as the service will allow and will always prioritise times for patients who are receiving radiotherapy or have other medical appointments or work on their treatment day. We ask that you inform us of any appointments ASAP. 

What if I want my treatment at work?

Our workplace treatment service is an extension of our Clatterbridge in the Community service and is intended to make treatment more convenient for you. If you have indicated that you may be interested in receiving treatment in your workplace we will put steps in place to make this happen.

In order to offer treatment in your workplace we need to:

  • Obtain permission from your employer
  • Arrange a suitable, clean and private location to provide your treatment in your workplace
  • Identify a suitable place for the nursing staff to wash their hands
  • Ensure access for nursing staff in your workplace (they will need to be able to park nearby)
  • Undertake a risk assessment by The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (CCC) staff to highlight no inappropriate risks in providing your treatment at work
  • Confirm there are no particular hazards for visitors at your workplace

Will I still see my consultant?

Yes, you will continue to have appointments at your usual clinic. 

What do I do if I feel unwell?

If you are unwell during or after your cancer treatment please call The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Hotline on 0800 169 5555. Your call will be answered by a dedicated nurse advisor. This line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • St Helens patients: Please contact the Lilac Centre on 01744 646 170, Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm. Outside of these hours, please contact The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Hotline on 0800 169 5555.

How do I contact the Clatterbridge in the Community Treatment Service Team?

Clatterbridge in the Community office:

  • Direct number: 0151 556 5889 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm)

If you are interested about receiving your cancer treatment at home, in the workplace, or another suitable community setting, please speak to a member of staff or discuss with your consultant.