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The research nursing team

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is committed to providing the best cancer care to the people we serve. A strong research portfolio is essential to deliver this aim.

The Research and Innovation Department is made up of the Research Governance and Management Team, Delivery Team and the Clinical Academic Unit. The Governance and Delivery Teams provide support to the Clinical Academic Unit and research active NHS Consultants.

Senior management

Prof Christian Ottensmeier

Director of Clinical Research

Christian is responsible for the strategic direction of research at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and collaborates with all of our partners to set our vision, aims and objectives.

“Clatterbridge is committed to securing a national reputation for excellence in cancer research. Central to this goal is improving outcomes for our patients. We want to make real changes for the population of Cheshire and Merseyside.”


Christian's consultant profile

Dr Gillian Heap

BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD
Director of Research and Innovation Operations

Gillian has over 20 years of experience working in research management within the NHS, industry, contract research organisations and academia. Gillian has operational oversight of clinical and academic research within the organisation.

"Research is fundamental to Clatterbridge's commitment to providing the best cancer care to the people that we serve. We will continue to expand our research portfolio to translate into improved treatments and better prognosis for our patients.”


Dr Maria Maguire

BSc (Hons), MPhil, PhD
Head of Research Governance and Sponsorship

Maria began her career as a biochemist holding post-doctoral positions researching the molecular mechanisms of cancer before becoming Quality Assurance Manager for the Liverpool Cancer Research UK Centre in 2009. She was appointed Head of Research Governance and Sponsorship at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in July 2012.

Maria provides overall operational and managerial leadership for the research management and governance team. She has overall responsibility for all studies where Clatterbridge acts as sponsor and supports her team with any governance, quality or set up-related issues.


Emma Whitby

Head of Research Delivery

Emma qualified in 1996 as a registered general nurse specialising in the field of oncology and working in a number of cancer centres across the UK, before joining the cancer research team in 2004 to work as a research practitioner.

Emma's role as Head of Research Delivery is to provide overall managerial, operational and professional leadership to all the clinical research delivery staff, providing strategic and operational management of clinical research activity.


Michelle Moffitt

Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) Lead Research Nurse

Michelle began working at the Centre in 2006 as a staff nurse before joining the research team as an advanced research practitioner in 2009.

Since January 2018 Michelle has worked in the role as Research Delivery Manager and is now the ECMC Lead Research Nurse, providing management and leadership to the dedicated ECMC cancer research delivery staff, including research nurses and clinical trial coordination staff. The team provides specialised infrastructure to deliver high quality clinical research to patients of Cheshire and Merseyside.


Jane Tinsley

RGN, BN (Hons)
Lead Haematology Research Nurse

Jane qualified in 1996 with a bachelor of nursing degree and has worked in haemato-oncology since 1997. Jane began working in research in 2009 and has been the Lead Nurse for Haemato-Oncology studies since 2017.

Jane's role is to provide management and oversight of all haemato-oncology clinical trials at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. Her dedicated team of research nurses and data management staff support the delivery of all blood cancer clinical trials.


Linda Lyons

Oncology Lead Research Nurse

Information to be added shortly


David Price

Research Governance and Sponsorship Manager

David is responsible for the management of the Research Management and Governance Team, including the Laboratory Team. He also has responsibility for any research governance issues that may arise across the Research and Innovation department and oversees all sponsorship for Clatterbridge-sponsored studies.

In addition, David runs the public and patient involvement groups, chairs the monthly Sponsorship Committee meetings and provides support to the Head of Research Governance and Sponsorship.


Research Management and Governance Team

The Research Management and Governance Team assure robust, rapid set-up of studies and are available for help, advice and enquiries on all aspects of study management.

Marie Shaw
Quality Manager

Marie works with teams across all research and innovation processes, monitoring performance and auditing relevant data, to identify any areas of concern and make recommendations for implementing improvements. This includes further training tools and techniques if required. Marie also chairs the monthly quality and governance meetings. 


Suzanne Maloney
Research Partnerships Manager

Sue manages the set-up team that is responsible for initiating commercial studies. This includes collation of regulatory documents, localised headed documents, sub-contracts and liaison with support departments such as finance, and authorisation of capacity and capability for the site. Sue also manages any amendments to contract for studies at Clatterbridge.


Brogan Johnston BSc (Hons), MSc
Research Governance Facilitator

Brogan manages the sponsorship and governance team and is responsible for the governance, set-up and management of studies where Clatterbridge acts as a sponsor. In addition she oversees the honorary contracts and letters of access to facilitate cross-working with other trusts and universities, provides project management for select projects, supports on submission of grant applications and provides governance support to the Research Governance and Sponsorship Manager. Brogan also chairs Study Review/Resource Committee meetings.


Nicola Dean 
Research and Innovation Business Intelligence Lead


Nicola provides business intelligence and activity reports for the department and supports feasibility queries for studies at Clatterbridge. The role bridges the governance and delivery teams to facilitate smoother set-up and transition to faster site opening and recruitment.


Tom Collins 
Research and Innovation Industry Manager


Tom provides support from a commercial perspective to both Clatterbridge and our industry partners. The overarching aim of his role is to strengthen new and current working relationships, to continually streamline study development, set-up and facilitation. He also liaises with the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) to ensure the commercial portfolio report metrics are correctly maintained, as well as managing the expression of interest inbox.


Ellen Nicholson 
Research Coordinator

Ellen works with the Research Governance Facilitator to support research governance and set-up on non- CTIMP studies for which Clatterbridge acts as a sponsor. She also assists in facilitating honorary contracts and letters of access for cross-working with other trusts and universities.


Anastasia Sinclair 
Early Phase Trial Facilitator


Annie works with the Research Partnerships Manager with a focus on Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) studies set-up for Trust approval. They also assist with contract amendments.


Tracey Wellman
Research Partnerships Facilitator


Tracey alongside the Research Partnerships Manager with a focus on non-commercial study set-up for Trust approval.


Francesca Di Santo
Research Management and Governance Administrator


Francesca provides administrative and secretarial support to the Research Management and Governance Team. She is also responsible for the implementation of protocol amendments and supports the study set-up team.


Sandra Corbett
Assistant Research Administrator

Sandra supports the implementation of protocol amendments as well as monitoring the governance inbox and providing administrative support to both the management and governance and delivery teams.


Claire Boothroyd
Assistant Research Administrator


Claire supports the implementation of protocol amendments as well as monitoring the governance inbox and providing administrative support to both the management and governance and delivery teams.


We have a dedicated Clinical Trials Laboratory with full technical capability for the processing of biological samples for research studies. The Clinical Trials Laboratory also houses the The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre's Biobank. The laboratory and its team are managed by the Biobank and Trials Laboratory Manager.

Jamie Young BSc (Hons)
Biobank and Trials Laboratory Manager


Victoria Chekoldina MBBCh
Biobank Administrator


Jake Whittle
Clinical Trials Laboratory Technician


Chloe Duran
Clinical Trials Laboratory Technician


Octavia-Alexandra Owen
Biobank Technician

Research Delivery Team

We have a team of expert research practitioners, research officers, clinical trial coordinators and clinical trial assistants working across our Aintree, Liverpool and Wirral sites. Our delivery teams work on both solid tumour cancers and blood cancers. Members of the team are often split into specialist teams for effective delivery.

Oncology (solid cancers) research

Our oncology (solid cancers) research delivery team is managed by Oncology Research Lead Nurse Linda Lyons.


  • Mieke Earnshaw, Advanced Research Nurse 
  • Cliodhna Mullane, Research Practitioner
  • Alana Ross, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant
  • Luke Jarvis, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant  


  • Lucy Beresford, Advanced Research Radiographer
  • Toni Yates, Research Practitioner
  • Rebecca Pettit, Research Practitioner
  • Chris Hall, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant
  • Sharon Dunn, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant
  • Debbie Montgomery, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant

Hepatobiliary pancreatic (HPB)

  • Angela Delaney, Advanced Research Nurse
  • Jenny Sheldrake, Research Practitioner
  • Will McCaig, Research Practitioner 
  • Tessa Anderson, Research Practitioner
  • Laura Lovell, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant
  • Freya Mayes, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant 
  • Chris Hall, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant 

Upper and lower gastrointestinal

  • Angela Delaney, Advanced Research Nurse 
  • Jenny Sheldrake, Research Practitioner
  • Will McCaig, Research Practitioner 
  • Tessa Anderson, Research Practitioner
  • Laura Lovell, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant
  • Freya Mayes, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant 
  • Chris Hall, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant 

Breast and gynaecological

  • Louise Hughes, Advanced Research Nurse 
  • Milly Andrews, Research Practitioner 
  • Claire Harwood, Research Practitioner 
  • Jessica Corbett, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant

Rare cancers

  • Pembe Yesildag, Advanced Research Nurse
  • Shirley Caldwell, Research Practitioner 
  • Nathan Jervis, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant
  • Emma Darcy, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant 

Head and neck 

  • Peter Pullman, Advanced Research Nurse
  • Caoimhe McAleese, Research Practitioner
  • Jenny Miller, Research Practitioner
  • Abi Cotter, Clinical Trials Coordinator
  • Nikki Miller, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant

Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre research 

Our ECMC delivery team are managed by ECMC Research Lead Nurse, Michelle Moffitt.

  • Lee Testrow, Advanced Nurse Practitioner
  • Keely DeCosta, Advanced Research Nurse 
  • Faye Kewley, Advanced Research Nurse
  • Lauren Partington, Research Practitioner 
  • Hollie Sargent, Research Practitioner 
  • Tom Raybould, Clinical Trials Co-ordinator
  • Anna Logan-Sherratt, Clinical Trials Co-ordinator

Clinical Delivery Team

  • Harry Hoggarth, Research Nurse
  • Sophie Bailie, Research Nurse 
  • Kayleigh Byrne, Clinical Trials Support Worker 
  • Josh Williams, Clinical Trials Support Worker

Observational Research Team

  • Kathryn Hughes, Observational Research Lead
  • Masuma Begum, Research Officer
  • Dan Windsor, Research Officer
  • Louisa Brady, Research Officer
  • Lisa Langley, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant
  • Alison Kelly, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant

Admin managers

  • Sue Green, Research Admin Manager 
  • Sarah Bennett, Research Admin Assistant Manager 
  • Suzy Howard, Research Admin Assistant Manager 

Haemato-oncology research

Our blood cancers delivery team is managed by Haematology Research Lead Nurse Jane Tinsley.

Multiple myeloma and amyloid studies

  • Justine Hewlett, Research Practictioner

Lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic lymphoma studies

  • Darren Keats, Research Practitioner 
  • Aimee Weatherall, Research Practitioner

Acute leukaemia studies, chronic myeloid leukaemia, myeloproliferative disorders and stem cell studies

  • Sarah Watmough, Research Practitioner
  • Elizabeth Dale, Research Practitioner

Haemato-oncology at Aintree 

  • Irwin Balquin, Research Practitioner

Clinical trial assistants and data managers

  • Stephen Still, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant
  • David Herbert, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant 
  • Laura Root, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant