If you need to stay in hospital as an inpatient, you will be admitted to Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Liverpool. Every patient on our inpatient wards has their own en-suite room with a shower. The facilities are designed to make it feel like a home from home. Your room will usually include: 

  • Smart TV and entertainment system (free to use). You can also connect your own devices to the TV (e.g. to stream films or TV programmes)
  • Free WiFi
  • Fridge 
  • En-suite shower room
  • Lockable storage

Each ward has a social space with tea and coffee, TV, sofa and a dining table that patients and their relatives can use. Ward 3, Ward 4 and Ward 5 also have outdoor roof terraces where you can enjoy the view, relax or spend time with family and friends.

In some cases, the ward manager may agree a relative can stay in your room overnight in a recliner chair (i.e. a chair that tilts back so people can sleep in it).

Keeping you safe

Infection prevention and control is extremely important. Please make sure you use the hand gel facilities on arriving and leaving the ward. You may also be asked to use the hand washing facilities within the room before leaving to reduce the risk of spreading any infections.

We have four inpatients wards: Ward 2, Ward 3, Ward 4 and Ward 5. You will be admitted to the right ward for your cancer type and the treatment you need. 

Ward 2 – Level 2

Telephone: 0151 556 5023

Ward 2 specialises in caring for people with solid tumour cancers (i.e. not blood cancers). Patients can be admitted for:

  • Planned treatments such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Emergency / unplanned care after review in our Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) due to treatment side-effects, or
  • Specialist palliative care and symptom management

Ward 3 – Level 3

Telephone: 0151 556 5019

Ward 3 specialises in caring for people with solid tumour cancers (i.e. not blood cancers). It is the named ward for patients with head and neck cancer and any patient with an altered airway. Patients can be admitted for: 

  • Planned treatments such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Emergency / unplanned care after review in our Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) due to treatment side-effects, or
  • Specialist palliative care and symptom management

Ward 3 also includes our Early Phase Clinical Trials Unit with dedicated beds for patients with all types of cancer who are being admitted to take part in clinical trials of new treatments that are being used for the first time in humans. These patients are supported by specialist research nurses and their wider care team.

Ward 4 – Level 4

Telephone: 0151 318 8624

Ward 4 specialises in acute haemato-oncology (blood cancer care), treating patients with a wide range of conditions including acute and chronic leukaemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and patients who need admission either before or after having a stem cell transplant or CAR-T therapy. 

Ward 5 – Level 5

Telephone: 0151 318 8631

Ward 5 is our specialist Stem Cell Transplant Unit (also known as bone marrow transplant). It specialises in planned admission for stem cell transplant and CAR-T therapy and support patients following transplant if they required unplanned admission to manage symptoms. 

Because people who have had stem cell transplants are particularly at risk of infection, these rooms have special air filters with more frequent air changes to remove bugs and bacteria. They also have extra infection prevention and control measures to keep patients safe.

Teenage and Young Adult

Teenage and Young Adult patients (TYA) aged 16 to 24 from across Cheshire and Merseyside, the Isle of Man, North Wales and parts of Lancashire. TYA patients are supported from diagnosis through treatment regimes, supportive care and discharge, or through to end stage disease

Our Teenage and Young Adult (TYA) daycase unit is on Level 5 and consists of 4 chairs and a dedicated social space for TYA patients and their families to use during treatment as well as events for TYA patients run by the clinical and support team.

There are 4 TYA inpatient beds available to provide a supportive environment for patients, their families and friends during an inpatient admission.

Your ward team will include a wide range of different staff who are expert in different aspects of your care including:

  • Matron, ward manager and nursing team
  • Doctors and advanced nurse practitioners (ANPs)
  • Allied health professionals (radiographers, physiotherapists, dietitians, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists)
  • Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians
  • Ward clerks
  •  Housekeepers
  • Domestics and ward hostess 
  • Porters 
  • Ward volunteers

We offer a wide selection of food to cater to different tastes and appetites including options for:

  • Light appetites
  • Soft food / meal replacements
  • Vegetarians and vegans
  • Different faiths / cultures (e.g. halal)
  • Different types of food (e.g. British, Asian, African and Caribbean)

It’s really important that you get all the nourishment you need while in hospital so if you have any special requirements or allergies, just let the ward team know. They will be happy to help and can also arrange a visit from the dietitians or the hostess team if appropriate. 

The wards support protected meal times. This means you should not be disturbed by staff during meal times – this is to allow you the time to eat and drink. Your family and friends are welcome to join you during meals if you wish.

It is also important to drink enough fluids while in hospital. Hot and cold drinks are available any time – you can help yourself from the social space or ask a member of the ward team. 

You will have a fridge in your room to store any drinks you prefer to bring from home. Please do not store any food in your fridge – this is particularly important for people with cancer and those having certain treatments because you may be more at risk of developing stomach bugs.

We also have some catering 24 hours a day so don’t worry if you miss a meal – just speak to the ward team at any time.

The Blackburne House café on Level M1 of Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Liverpool is open from 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday. It offers a wide range of healthy food and drinks as well as traditional favourites, cakes and snacks. 

It includes a small shop selling newspapers, magazines and other items. The trolley shop visits each ward every morning.

There are vending machines at the café exit (near PharmaC) that are available 24 hours a day. They offer snacks and drinks.

There is a wider range of shops, cafes and restaurants next door in the Royal Liverpool University Hospital that you may also like to use if you are well enough.

There is a Reflection Room on Level 4 of Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Liverpool where patients and visitors can reflect or pray. 

Our Chaplaincy service is also available for people of all faiths and none. They offer support to patients and their families and many people find great comfort in this. If you would like to speak to the Chaplaincy service, just ask a member of the ward team and they can organise a visit.

We have three relatives rooms on Level 3 at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Liverpool. Each room has an en-suite bathroom and can accommodate two adults on a double sofa-bed / recliner chairs, along with a shared kitchen and shower room. Please speak to the nurse in charge if you would like to discuss using these rooms. We cannot guarantee availability.

Find information about inpatient visiting.