We know how important it is for patients to keep in touch with family and friends while in hospital. Many people also prefer to have someone with them when they come for outpatient appointments or treatment.

We welcome visitors in line with the guidance below. This balances the benefits that patients get from having visitors with our need to protect people who may be particularly vulnerable to infection. 

Inpatient wards

Visiting arrangements for Ward 2, Ward 3, Ward 4 and Ward 5:

  • Visiting hours on our inpatient wards are 10:00am to 8:00pm.
  • Patients can have two visitors at a time.
  • Please do not visit if you feel unwell in any way.
  • Clean your hands using the gel provided on entering the ward / department and again upon leaving.
  • If you have any questions while visiting, please ask to speak to the nurse looking after your relative / friend.
  • There may be additional restrictions for individual patients or inpatient areas – please look out for ward signage on entering the department. You are welcome to contact the ward before you visit to check any additional restrictions.
  • We are flexible to meet the needs of each patient – if you are unable to visit during these times, just speak to a member of the ward nursing team.

Other arrangements to support inpatients

We have special arrangements in place to support inpatients:

If you do not have access to email, please speak to the ward.

Outpatient departments and daycase units 

Visiting arrangements for patients attending for outpatient appointments or daycase treatments including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, Ward 1 Gordon Glasgow Day Case Unit and the Clinical Decisions Unit (CDU):

  • One person is allowed to accompany a relative/friend when they are attending an outpatient appointment or daycase treatment.
  • We continue to be flexible to meet the needs of each patient. If you have any special requirements or additional needs, just speak to a member of the department’s nursing team to discuss this before attending.