We communicate with patients in a number of different ways. We want to make sure you have all the information you need before, during and after your care.

It is important that we have up-to-date contact details for you so we can keep you informed. Please let us know if your contact details change – for example, you have a new phone number or email address or if you move home.

We will also check your contact details when you come for your appointments. 

We use different ways of communicating with you so we can share information with you quickly and securely.

This includes digital (electronic) forms of communication such as text message and email, as well as traditional letters sent through the post. You can opt out of receiving information this way digitally you want.

We will send you a text message reminder for most outpatient appointments. 

You will also get a text message from us when you are first referred to The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – it will contain further details about us. 

If you want to opt out of getting text message reminders, you can do this by following the instructions included in the text message. (Opting out means you tell us you do not want to get text message reminders.)

If you have already opted out of getting text message reminders from other NHS hospitals, then you will not get text message reminders from us either. 

Opting out of getting text message reminders will also mean you are opting out of getting digital appointment letters.

We send most outpatient appointment letters digitally (electronically) – you can access them on any smartphone, tablet or computer. 

The letter will also include: 

  • Any additional information relevant to your appointment 
  • A full map if your appointment is taking place face to face

You will still receive a paper version of your appointment letter if:

  • You do not open the digital letter within 48 hours of getting it
  • You do not have a smartphone, or 
  • You choose to opt out of digital appointment letters

Find out more about how to access digital appointment letters in the ‘Using digital letters’ section of this page.

Benefits of digital letters

  • You can create your own ‘digital patient portal’ account where you can access all your hospital letters anywhere, any time and from any device
  • Never miss an appointment – you can automatically add the appointment to your phone calendar with a reminder notification 
  • You can have instant access to all the essential reading and patient information linked to your appointment 
  • The system can translate the letter into 98 different languages 
  • The system can read the letter aloud in 40 languages 
  • You can make the text size in the letter bigger and easier to read 
  • You can change the text and background colour to make the text more accessible
  • You can plan your hospital journey with a real-time (live) traffic map 
  • You can easily send an email copy of the appointment letter direct to your employer as proof of attendance

Using digital letters

  1. Screenshot of text message example. It says 'This is an important letter from The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust for [name]. Please login on your smartphone, tablet or PC using the following link with PIN [number] and your DOB. Thank you.' The screenshot includes a link to click to log in.When we make an appointment for you, you will get a text message invitation to your digital appointment letter, with a link and a PIN code. The text message will come from NHS CCC and it will look like this image.
  2. Click the link (or copy it to your tablet or PC), enter the PIN code and your Date of Birth to see your letter. If you don't click the link within 48 hours – a paper copy will be sent to you in the post. 
  3. Click the button to access ‘Essential Reading – this will include any specific instructions for your appointment, essential reading and hospital information. 

  4. You can also add the appointment to your phone calendar, print a copy of your letter or securely email a copy. 

Registering for a Patient Portal Account

When you open your digital letters, you can also register for a patient portal account.  

You will be asked to create a username and password for your account. Then you will get a text message to let you know whenever a new letter has been added to your portal.  

Once registered, you can read all of your letters – and find details of all your appointments – on the patient portal. 

If you have already registered and need technical help using the portal:

Opting out of digital letters

If you do not want to get digital appointment letters, you can opt out:

Before you have any treatment or procedure, you will need to give us your consent – giving consent means you are agreeing to have the treatment or procedure. 

It is important that you can make an informed decision about giving consent – an informed decision means you have the information you need to understand the benefits and any possible risks. 

Your consultant will explain: 

  • What the treatment or procedure involves
  • The benefits, and 
  • Any possible side-effects or risks 

They usually do this during your first appointment with them at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. 

We use an electronic consent process called eConsent. This means you can get a copy of the consent form and information leaflets emailed to you. 

You and your consultant can also sign the consent form electronically so it appears in your records more quickly and prevents any delays with treatment. 

You can also choose to get a paper copy of your consent form posted to you. Tell your consultant during your first appointment if you would prefer your consent form to be posted to you. 

In addition to appointment letters, we also send patients clinical letters after they have been to us. These clinical letters include information about:

  • Your diagnosis
  • The treatment options that were discussed 
  • Updates throughout your care when there are any changes to your treatment or your condition

We send copies of these letters to your GP to update them on your care. If appropriate, we also send copies to the healthcare professional who referred you to The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – usually this is a consultant in another hospital. 

If you do not want to get copies of your clinical letters, you can opt out – just contact your consultant’s secretary to discuss this further. 

We also telephone patients with any urgent or time-sensitive information such as information about appointments at short notice or important clinical information. 

If appropriate, the staff member who called you will leave you a voicemail message.

Our phone calls will appear as calls from 0151 556 5997.   

This is not a number that you can call us back on – it simply has a message saying you missed a call from The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. Other staff in our hospital won’t be able to tell who called you. 

Don’t worry if you miss a call from us – we will try to call you again.

If you have technical issues accessing the system, you can contact: