This page has guidance for health professionals on suspected and confirmed metastatic spinal cord compression (MSCC) and other aspects of spinal oncology (diagnosis and management). 

Cheshire and Merseyside clinical guidelines for suspected spinal metastases and MSCC

  • One-page guide to managing patient care: presentation, assessment and diagnosis, management and treatment. Download an interactive PDF.

Training presentation for health professionals - NICE guidelines 2023

This training presentation has guidance for health professionals on the new NICE guidelines [NG234] on spinal metastases and metastatic spinal cord compression (MSCC) and what it means for patients in Cheshire and Merseyside and beyond. The presenters are Jenny Callender (MSCC Clinical Coordinator) and Debbie Johnson, (MSCC Physiotherapy Rehab Lead).


Poster presentations

  • Adaptation of tablet holder and water bottle for MSCC and spinal metastases - innovation for patients who need to lie flat for long periods. Download the poster (PDF).
  • Health professional education and training model - raising awareness and confidence at recognising symptoms (and red flags), referral pathways and model of care for patients with suspected or confirmed MSCC or spinal metastases. Download the poster (PDF)
  • Transforming MSCC care in Cheshire and Merseyside - development of Cheshire and Merseyside's unique MSCC and spinal metastases service that helped shape the new national NICE guidelines. Download the poster (PDF)


BBC News: Coverage of the MSCC service (August 2023)