Most of our referrals are from secondary care – consultant to consultant.

For blood cancer (haemato-oncology), some referrals are from GPs. 

For all referrals

We need the patient’s details as per the Inter Provider Transfer Minimum Data Set (IPTMDS) for all referrals, together with an accompanying letter and all diagnostic information.

You can send referrals by email – you must send them from a secure email address (such as an NHS email account). 

For further information about any aspect of patient referrals:

Email the Cancer of Unknown Primary MDT

The Cancer of Unknown Primary MDT meeting is at 12:00pm (midday) on Thursdays. The referral deadline is 10:00am on Wednesday. 

Information for health professionals

Our Cancer of Unknown Primary team provide the following services:

  • Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Alliance Cancer of Unknown Primary Specialist MDT meeting 
  • Specialist advice and guidance about diagnosis and treatment of patients with CUP
  • Weekly specialist regional CUP clinic
  • Treatment planning and delivery
  • Emotional and psychological support for CUP patients and their carers
  • Holistic needs assessment (HNA) – understanding each patient’s concerns and needs so we can share information and provide care in the right way for them
  • Clinical research and audit
  • Education and training
  • Whole genome sequencing – DNA tests to try and identify the primary cancer and/or understand how best to treat CUP

Policies, pathways and guidelines 

Clinical guidance on cancer of unknown primary (Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Alliance) 

Our Lymphoedema service at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Liverpool accepts referrals for eligible patients*. 

Referrals should be made by completing the Lymphoedema referral form.

Email queries to the Lymphoedema team

Call 0151 556 5015

*Patients in Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, South Sefton and St Helens – MerseyCare provide the lymphoedema service for people in these areas. Referral guidance for MerseyCare’s lymphoedema service

The MSCC service aims to provide urgent treatment for patients who have suspected or confirmed metastatic spinal cord compression. 

Referrals should be made by completing the MSCC Referral Form.

Advice and support

The team is happy to provide advice and support to clinicians before referring patients to this service. 

Email queries to the MSCC team

Call 07584 312049

Find out what makes the service so unique: BBC TV (August 2023)


Our Palliative Radiotherapy service aims to provide timely review, planning and treatment to patients who need radiotherapy to help relieve symptoms.

Any clinician wishing to refer a patient can do so by completing a Palliative Radiotherapy Service Referral Form.

Advice and support 

The team is happy to provide advice and support to clinicians on the management of patients, before or after review by the Palliative Radiotherapy service.

This includes any questions you might have about whether a patient is suitable for referral to the service.  

Email queries to the Palliative Radiotherapy team

A small number of referrals relate to international (overseas) patients. 

For international referrals, we will need as much information as possible including details of:

  • Diagnosis
  • Surgery 
  • Previous treatment

Referrals must be made in English. If the patient does come to us for treatment, we can arrange an interpreter.

Visit our international patients page for further information

Further information

Contact our Registrations Team if you would like more information referring a patient to us. 

Call 0151 556 5550