Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I fly straight after completing Proton Beam Therapy?

Yes, it is safe to fly straight after completing Proton Beam Therapy.

Can I drive straight after the Simulation Appointment?


Can I drive straight after a treatment session?

We advise you wait an hour before driving after each treatment session.

I would like to stay an additional night in the hotel.

Please contact The Village Hotel, Bromborough direct to extend your stay:

Any additional nights are at your own cost.

Is there a charge for parking at The Village Hotel?

No, this cost of parking is included in the booking we make on your behalf. For any
additional nights booked, you may require to pay a parking fee.

Are pets allowed at The Village Hotel?

No, pets are not allowed at the hotel.

I require hospital transport - do you book this for me?

No, please contact your local hospital or GP who will advise you how to book this.

Can I continue to take the eye drops prescribed when I had my markers inserted?

Yes, please continue to take these as directed. If you have drops that require refrigeration, please leave these in your hotel room, but bring any others with you if a dose is required whilst you are with us.

The course of eye drops I was issued with by my referring centre finishes during simulation / treatment. Do I need to request a new prescription from my referring centre?

No, we will provide you with eye drops that you need. Please continue with any drops you have already been given for the length of time you were prescribed.

How long should I use the eye drops The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre have prescribed during treatment and if I run out where do I get a further course?

You should use the eye drops we have prescribed for 25 days from the day of your
first treatment. If you require a further course during these 25 days, please request from your GP.

I am currently prescribed a course of antibiotics for a separate medical condition. Can I continue to take these?

Yes, it is safe to continue the course.

Can I return to work upon completion of my treatment?

There is no reason that you cannot return to work following your simulation appointment and before treatment commences. However, immediately after your treatment, you may experience some eye strain.

We would, therefore, advise at least one week off work following treatment. You may require longer. Please note, we would not advise returning to work in a dusty environment immediately after treatment (i.e. carpenters, spray painters). If returning to this sort of environment please ensure goggles are worn to prevent dust going into your eyes.

Should I limit the amount of time I am at a screen during / following treatment?

You may find that you suffer from eye strain if you use a screen for a long period of time. We would advise that during treatment and for 4 weeks afterwards, that you take regular breaks from the screen i.e. a 10 - 15 minute break every 90 - 120 minutes.

Can I exercise during treatment and is there anything that should be avoided?

Moderate exercise is advised. Going to the gym is allowed during treatment - however, your referring centre may have advised you to avoid heavy lifting following insertion of your markers.

We would advise not to go swimming in chlorinated water (open water swimming is allowed) during treatment and for 4 weeks after treatment. If, when you
return to swimming in chlorinated water, your eye starts itching or feels sore you should get out of the water and leave it for another week.

Can I take a photograph of my mask / the treatment room?

Yes, you are welcome to take a photograph, but please ask permission from staff first so that we can maintain confidentiality for other patients. Please do not take photos of staff without their permission.

Please contact Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Cyclotron Unit re queries regarding:

  • Short term side effects e.g. eye and eyelid reactions
  • Queries about the eye drops we have dispensed to you

Contact your referring centre for any queries regarding the following:

  • Clipping/Markers and related surgery
  • For long term side effect queries e.g. vision changes and eye tests
  • Queries about liver scans
  • Queries about eye drops given to you by the referring centre