There is a small possibility that your treatment may have an effect on the running of your device. For this reason, you will be closely monitored during radiotherapy.

It is important that you tell the radiographer if you have any unusual sensations during treatment. You may feel an extra heartbeat or a missed beat as the machine is turned on and off. This is normal but please tell the Radiographer if it happens. 

In the unlikely event that you feel discomfort associated with your device either during or after treatment, you should get in touch with your device clinic urgently. If you are very concerned, attend your local A&E department.

If you have a device, your radiographer will inform you of the checks required during the course of treatment, e.g. daily ECG.

Please ensure that you have had an appointment with your device clinic within the last six months prior to your radiotherapy treatment.

Please also ensure you have an appointment with the device clinic approximately two weeks after completion of your radiotherapy treatment, so that your device can be checked.