This leaflet is for young people aged 16-24 years who have received a diagnosis of cancer and are living in Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales or the Isle of Man. It is designed to let you know what services are available for you, your family and your friends. We also support people with other conditions; these can be explained further by your medical team. 

We know that the needs of teenagers and young adults are different from both older people and young children. Our experience and specialist training means we are aware of the challenges and impact of being told that you have cancer and how it can affect your day to day life. We are here to provide emotional and practical support for you and your family throughout your treatment.

This leaflet gives you some information about the TYA cancer service for young people across Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and the Isle of Man. Our TYA cancer team of experts talk to and work with medical teams in all our hospitals across the region and can support patients wherever they are treated to ensure young people get the best possible care before, during and after treatment.  

The Teenage and Young Adult (TYA) cancer support team

Once the TYA MDT are aware of you, they will contact you to discuss with you what support they can offer. The TYA cancer support team is made up of two Teenage Cancer Trust-funded specialist nurses, a youth support coordinator, a TYA clinical psychologist and, several young people’s social workers from the charity Young Lives vs Cancer.

They have looked after lots of young people with cancer and work alongside the doctors and nurses during and after treatment to offer advice, information and support. They can see you throughout treatment in whatever hospital you are treated at, and, if you want, sometimes at home as well.

Members of the team can provide advice and support to you at your own individual pace including emotional and practical needs, side effects of treatment, coping mechanisms, financial issues including benefits and grants, educational / employment needs and social opportunities. 

Your cancer treatment is individual to you. Your consultant and their team will discuss the treatment plan and various options with you. This may include a choice of which hospital can provide your treatment most appropriately depending on your needs and circumstances and, the type of treatment that you need for your type of cancer.

If you are aged 16-18 years

You should receive your treatment in a specialist TYA centre as agreed by national NHS guidance.

Within the Merseyside and Cheshire area there are two specialist hospitals including; Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

If you’re aged between 19 and 24 and have been diagnosed with cancer

You may have a choice about where to receive your care, depending on the type of treatment that you need and the type of cancer that you have. Sometimes this can be a difficult decision to make. You may need to think about access to clinical trials, cell therapies including stem cell transplantation, being close to home, being in an age-appropriate setting and more.   

Further information on choices can be found on the website. This information will support the information given to you by your medical team, allowing you to make an informed choice on where to receive your care.

The TYA MDT meet on a weekly basis, and discuss all young patients at the time of diagnosis and at other key points during their treatment. We are keen to know about all young people as they are told they have cancer as we want to be there to provide support for you.  

We aim to discuss all patients at the TYA MDT meeting no matter which hospital they are treated at. The TYA MDT members are particular experts in cancer in young people and together with your consultant will agree the most appropriate plan of treatment and supportive care. All of this will be discussed with you and your family.

Information alert

TYA peer support group

Some young people may like the opportunity to meet others who are going through similar experiences to themselves in a social environment.

The TYA team organise monthly events away from the hospital that allow young people to do this if they want to. Activities are supported by charitable funds and range from theme park days to meals out or bowling etc. The Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinator will provide you with further information on this group.

TYA specialist hospitals

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre 

65 Pembroke Place, Liverpool, L7 8YA
Tel: 0151 556 5000

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Eaton Road, Liverpool, L12 2AP
Tel: 0151 228 4811