Arts at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

Our Arts in Health programme offers a range of creative activities and performances for patients and staff, as well as a collection of artwork to enhance the environment of our cancer centres.

We work closely with local artists, musicians and arts organisations to help improve the experience of our patients, families, staff and people visiting our sites. We strive to provide all of these groups with opportunities to experience and engage with the transformative nature of the arts in its many forms.

Our Arts in Health programme is currently managed by a part-time Arts Coordinator who is part of our Patient Experience Team.

The Arts in Health programme supports the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust in delivery of its strategic priorities. Our current programme is delivered under the following three strands:

> Environment

We use artwork to transform and enhance our centres to create welcoming spaces to benefit the health and wellbeing of our patients, families, staff and visitors. Displaying stimulating and uplifting artwork in both the public and clinical areas of our centres offers a wealth of benefits including promoting recovery, staff wellbeing and a positive visitor experience.

> Arts activities

Our arts activity aims to enhance our patient experience to improve health and wellbeing. By participating in arts activities we can support our patients to relieve boredom, improve mood, and reduce stress and anxiety.

> Music

Our music programme entertains and engages our patients, families, staff and visitors with regular performances and a programme of person-centred music making activities. Listening to music has been found to have benefits for both children and adults undergoing cancer treatment, including reducing adverse side-effects.

Our Arts in Health programme is funded through charitable sources and is generously supported by The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity. We are grateful to the individual donors and trust and foundations who support our programme. If you would like to support our Arts in Health programme, please contact the Clatterbridge Cancer Charity.