Art at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

The Clatterbridge Cancer NHS Foundation Trust has long supported the creative arts as an integral part of our care, health and wellbeing, and a result, approved a five year Arts Strategy in 2014.

We later launched the implementation of this with a Public Art Commissions Strategy for the new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Liverpool city centre, which subsequently opened in 2020. Consultations with patient and staff groups were integral to the commissioning process, with patient and staff representatives part of the Public Art Steering Group that selected the artists and identified important areas for commissions. The process was managed by PropCare Ltd who engaged the services of a public art consultant, Lesley Greene, to lead the programme.

Responding to patients' interests, working with local North West artists, and engaging artists whose work would respect the architecture of the new hospital and complement the biophilic theme of its interior were all important to this project.

Find out about some of the artwork on display at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Liverpool below.

Tree Levels, Rachael Howard, 2020

Location: Across all levels, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Liverpool

Rachael was inspired by the biophilic theme and colours of the The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Liverpool's interior design, taking the textures and shapes of trees - especially their fruits, nuts and blossoms - to make distinctive wayfinding motifs relating to the colours of each floor level, and to their symbolism in connection with health and wellbeing. She began with the strong and dependable oak tree, focusing on its fruit of the acorn as a motif for the entrance level of the Centre.

Rachael enjoys mixing pigment dyes and painting with the squeegee to achieve a mix of colours and textures across a design, with this technique being described as ‘rainbow squeegee’ painting. The motifs all began as small-scale stencil screen-printed artwork, with the size of the designs increased to suit the spaces in the hospital corridors, with the mix of colours and gestural marks being enhanced at a larger scale. It is the large-scale zoomed-in marks and the vibrancy of the colour mixes that Rachael finds most exciting and one that she felt was appropriate to apply to the distinctive silhouettes of the tree related motifs. It is the bright colours and lively nature of the motifs that she hopes will be most enjoyed.

Rachael Howard is a Wirral-based textile designer, artist and lecturer. Rachael was one of the first Royal College of Art postgraduate students of Embroidery, and since then has pioneered a lively mix of screen printing and embroidery techniques with a lively style, often telling stories of the ‘everyday’. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, and in the North West has shown at the Bluecoat Display Centre Liverpool, the Williamson Art Gallery - Birkenhead and the Waterside Art Centre in Manchester. Rachael is a Senior Lecturer in Textile Design at Bath School of Design.

Primavera, Emma Rogers, 2020

Location: Winter Gardens, Level M3, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Liverpool

This piece denotes the season of early spring and the inspiration for the sculpture is from a phrase “After the winter must come the spring”. Emma thinks this describes all life and nature simply but beautifully - growth, renewal, hope, love. This also links to the Winter Gardens where it is sited.

The tree is hand-sculpted and fabricated from stainless steel, patinated with highlights of gold leaf. The tree trunk and branches are stainless steel and the leaves are hand-cut sheet brass. Details of the silhouettes of the leaves are layered to give the impression of light breaking through them on a sunny day. The leaves are cut individually, however they are actually silhouettes of doves. From afar they appear to be leaves on the tree, but when you get closer you realise they are flocks of birds flying through the landscape. The flock of birds will grow over time due to doves being added to represent donations to the Clatterbridge Cancer Charity. By purchasing a dove, you can help to raise funds for this important charity, which supports additional services, facilities and research for patients.

The Winter Gardens is a beautiful and peaceful space, allowing patients, visitors and staff some time to contemplate and breathe in fresh air, or to simply relax and catch up with friends. It is a space which will continue to evolve and Emma feels privileged to be a small part of this, especially as the donations raised from the doves can continue to grow and help to support The Clatterbridge Cancer NHS Foundation Trust.

If you would like to support the Charity you can sponsor one of our doves. The doves are available in a variety of sizes and prices, and can be personalised with a message of your choice. Personalisation will be carried out by the artist before being added to the sculpture. Please contact the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Charity team on 0151 556 5566 or via

This artwork was kindly funded by Medicash.