Information for outpatients

All of our clinics are run by a consultant-led team of trained doctors and nurses. Before having any investigations or treatment, new patients will have a consultation to discuss treatment options and other aspects of their care. The Outpatients department team take responsibility for liaising with GPs, hospitals, hospices and all relevant agencies during your treatment. They can also arrange for access to clinical nurse specialists and external services such as benefits advisors and social workers, if required.

Phone/video consultations

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of outpatient consultations currently take place by phone or video. You are welcome to have a family member of friend with you during phone/video consultations, if you would find this helpful.

Consultations on hospital sites

Some appointments do take place in person at one of our hospitals. If we invite you to come to hospital for your appointment, it is important that you attend. Due to COVID-19, visiting restrictions are in place*. Please help us keep people safe. Come into the hospital by yourself. Don't bring anyone else into the hospital with you.

*Visitors are not allowed other than exceptional circumstances agreed in advance with the department, e.g. for patients with additional needs.