One of our strategic priorities is to: Be a Great Place to Work.

Patients get even better care when the people who work here have the right skills, feel motivated and engaged, and are encouraged and supported to achieve their potential over their careers with us.

Our People Commitment 2021-2026 sets out our promise to staff. It explains how we will attract, retain and develop a highly-skilled, motivated and inclusive workforce to provide the best care.

Our People Commitment 2021-2026

Be a Great Place to Work

Attract, retain and develop a highly-skilled, motivated and inclusive workforce to provide the best care.


We recognise that our people are our greatest asset. Their dedication, talent, knowledge and experience are at the heart of everything we do and have a big impact on the care that we provide. 

In order to deliver our Five-Year Strategic Plan, we want to attract, retain and develop the brightest and best people – locally, nationally and internationally – through our reputation for excellence in patient care, research and education, and our commitment to the health, wellbeing and experience of staff.

Our People Commitment outlines our plans for the next five years to build on our successes so far and to continue to build an inclusive and compassionate culture where all our staff can thrive.

How we will know if we are successful:

  • Top decile national staff survey results 
  • Performance against key workforce metrics 
  • Performance in equality and inclusion metrics

Key priorities

  • We will promote equality, diversity and inclusion for all staff, tackling all forms of discrimination and removing inequality. 
  • We will enhance leadership skills and capacity across all levels of the Trust. 
  • We will recruit the brightest and the best people, with an emphasis on the harder-to-recruit groups such as oncologists, specialist nurses and radiologists. 
  • We will continue to develop new roles and new career pathways that support the sustainable provision of services.
  • We will provide a comprehensive reward and recognition package to retain and develop a highly-skilled and flexible workforce. 
  • We will foster an open, transparent and high-performing culture, where staff feel valued and recognised for their important contribution and feel empowered to raise concerns. 
  • We will promote and maintain the physical and psychological wellbeing of our workforce so we continue to be an employer of choice. 
  • Through our excellence and expertise in education and training, we will continue to achieve excellence in patient care, service delivery and cutting-edge research across the region. 

What people are telling us

Our People Commitment has been shaped and influenced by what our people are telling us.

Each year our people provide us with feedback about what it is like to work at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (CCC) - for example, the annual NHS Staff Survey. We have used this information to inform and shape our commitments to ensure we continue to build successful teams and that CCC continues to be a great place to work.

National and local context

Our People Commitment reflects national and local workforce priorities. The national NHS People Promise focuses on how we can support staff, develop our workforce, and work together differently to deliver patient care. The aim of the People Promise is to inspire and unleash the potential of every person and create a culture that is compassionate and inclusive. 

We are…


We are kind

  • We care for our patients and pride ourselves on providing the best care. 
  • We lead by kindness for all – for our patients, their families and our colleagues.
  • We recognise achievements and collectively celebrate success.

We are empowered

  • We contribute and make suggestions to improve patient and staff experience. 
  • We create an environment where colleagues are open, honest and feel empowered to speak up.
  • We continuously learn and improve to achieve the best outcomes and to achieve our full potential. 

We are responsible

  • We create a supportive working environment where everyone is accountable for their actions. 
  • We always act with integrity. 
  • We work as one team and support each other to maintain the highest professional standards.

We are inclusive

  • We celebrate the diversity and difference that everyone brings.
  • We treat people fairly without favouritism or discrimination.
  • We collaborate and engage with each other, our partners and our communities.

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is a golden thread that runs through everything that we do. We recognise the importance of ensuring our workforce is representative of our local population and celebrating diversity. Every one of us has a role to play in this.

Our Five-Year Strategic Plan outlines our commitment to creating an open, diverse and inclusive culture where everyone is treated with respect and dignity and our people are recognised and valued for the contributions they make.

We believe that by continuing to champion a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion, we will: 

  • Positively impact on the experience of our staff
  • Nurture an environment where staff feel able to speak up and raise concerns, and 
  • Ultimately improve the services we deliver to our patients.

We are committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion and tackling all forms of discrimination and bullying to create an open and inclusive environment for all. 

  • Looking after our people
  • Developing our people
  • Workforce for the future
  • Our digital workforce
  • Valuing our people

Looking after our people

Our ambition is to create an environment where people are supported and empowered to lead healthy lives and make informed choices that support their wellbeing and enable people to perform at their best.

How will we do this? 
  • Develop a revised health and wellbeing support that champions the physical, mental, and financial wellbeing of everyone at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (CCC). 
  • Support the working lives of our staff through the achievement of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter. 
  • Continue to promote and support flexible ways of working.
  • Harness a culture of kindness, civility and respect. 
  • Champion a working environment that encourages all staff to ‘speak up’ and shape learning.
  • Ensure every person has supportive wellbeing conversations.

Developing our people

Our ambition is to develop compassionate and inclusive leaders and a culture of learning where our staff can grow and reach their full potential.

How will we do this?
  • Develop a programme for identifying and nurturing talent which provides opportunities for development, celebrates success and supports individual aspirations.
  • Develop and embed training and development pathways across all levels and professions.
  • Develop effective leadership and management training for all leaders. 
  • Embed a framework of coaching and mentoring. 
  • Provide learning opportunities through apprenticeships in partnership with education providers. 

Workforce for the future

Our ambition is to create a flexible and adaptive workforce, embed new opportunities across all staff groups and attract and retain the brightest and the best people.

How will we do this?
  • Continue to develop new roles and career pathways that support sustainable services for the future.
  • Continue to develop extended and advanced practice roles to support new ways of providing care.
  • Develop workforce plans for all services that are fully integrated with clinical strategies and financial plans.
  • Grow our relationships with local communities, schools and colleges to explore how we engage with health workers of the future.
  • Refresh our recruitment opportunities to raise our profile as an employer of choice.
  • Support the development of the clinical divisions and leadership roles.

Our digital workforce

Our ambition is to embed digital workforce solutions and technology to support our people to become digitally enabled and connected.

How will we do this? 
  • Use digital solutions and technology to enhance our recruitment process, enabling us to attract the brightest and best people.
  • Embed e-rostering and e-job planning to support flexible and agile ways of working. 
  • Provide training and development on technology and systems, supporting all our people to become digitally enabled. 
  • Embed digital solutions that will enable our people to work to their full potential through the automation of systems and processes. 

Valuing our people

Our ambition is to champion a culture where everyone has a voice that counts and feels welcome, supported and understood.

How will we do this?   
  • Embed our refreshed values. 
  • Develop a workforce that is truly representative of the population we support. 
  • Celebrate diversity and promote an environment of openness and inclusion, free from discrimination or bullying.  
  • Create opportunities for our people to share their bright ideas, make changes and inform new ways of working.  
  • Ensure all staff have a voice that counts by growing our Culture and Engagement groups and Staff Networks.

Our people are the heart of CCC. We value and appreciate them which is why one of our 6 strategic priorities is to Be a Great Place to Work. This People Commitment sets out how we will recruit, support, develop and reward them over the next five years.