This page is an easy-read guide.

These are instructions on how to request copies of your medical records. It describes what information we hold about you and different ways to make the request. 

What information we hold

Cartoon image of man pointing at himself. Its says 'About you'The hospital holds information about you.

Cartoon image of person with a question mark. It says 'ask for information'You can ask for a copy of this information.

Cartoon of person with picture of house and telephone. It says 'name, address, telephone'We have your name and contact details...

Cartoon image of bottle of tablets with information on the front to show where your name, medicine details and date will be Your medication information...

Cartoon of person with picture of clock and another picture of a group meeting. It says 'appointment'What appointments you have had with us...

Cartoon showing someone having their blood pressure, weight and bloods checkedAny health checks like your weight, height and blood pressure...

Cartoon of a person having an x-ray to show inside their bodyCopies of images you have had like x-rays...

Cartoon of paper notes and a folder. It says 'keep in medical notes'Any medical notes that have been made when you have been looked after here. 

Cartoon of a pen and a piece of paper with writing on it. It says 'apply'You will need to apply for this information using a form.

Cartoon with 3 boxes you can tick to say if you want some information, all the information or no informationThis is so you can tell us what information you want.

How to make a request

The form can be sent to us by:


Cartoon of letter in envelope with a stampMedical Records - Assistant Service Manager
Administrative Services Department
The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust
Clatterbridge Road
Wirral CH63 4JY


Cartoon showing a computer mouseEmail your subject access request