The prime objectives of the Research and Development Directorate are to:

  • Maximise opportunities for patients to participate in high quality research programmes
  • Ensure the Trust achieves agreed national performance targets
  • Improve the quality, quantity and relevance of research and development activity within the Trust
  • Help researchers achieve external funding from grant-giving bodies and commercial sponsors and to increase the Trust's external income from research
  • Foster our relationship with academic partners to provide research support services; including the provision of expertise in statistics and other generic methodologies
  • Ensure that the information requested from researchers is the minimum consistent with the highest standards of research governance
  • Ensure all research and development projects in the Trust are appropriately peer reviewed, approved by a Research Ethics Committee and comply with research governance standards and statutory requirements
  • Develop research and development training and educational opportunities for Trust researchers
  • Raise the local and national profile of research within the Trust and develop appropriate collaborations with academic and industry partners