Nursing and allied health professional (non-radiographer) research

The aims of the service are:

1) To promote and support the research capability and capacity of nursing and allied health professionals in the Trust.

2) To ensure that research activity results in positive improvements to the care, treatment and services experienced by patients, carers and the public

This includes support to:

  • Develop collaborative research partnerships with a range of key stakeholders including academic and clinical staff, patient and carer groups, charitable organisations and other research-active groups.
  • Develop research proposals of patient, clinical and organisational priority
  • Access research education and training opportunities
  • Identify career development opportunities in research
  • Identify potential research funding opportunities
  • Disseminate the results of research through publications and presentations
  • Maximise the opportunities for patient and public involvement in research
  • Participate in the Trust Practice Development and Research Partnership
  • Lynda Appleton, Research Nurse