CCC Biobank

The establishment of a CCC Biobank provides high quality biological samples linked to patient outcome data to facilitate good quality research into the molecular mechanisms of cancer. Biomarker discovery for early detection of cancer, patient stratification and into the reasons why some cohorts of patients fail to respond to therapeutic agents, all of which it is hoped will result in tangible patient benefit. The sample collection is entirely prospective following full informed consent from CCC patients diagnosed with cancer. The Biobank will also store samples donated from ‘healthy volunteers’ who have not been diagnosed with cancer in order to provide age matched controls.

Blood (processed to plasma and serum, cellular material and buffy coat), urine, ascites fluid, saliva and sputum will be collected from CCC patients; blood (processed to plasma, serum, cellular material and buffy coat) will be collected from healthy volunteers.

The samples will be used for the cancer research procedures including, discovery and validation of:

  • Diagnostic biomarkers
  • Prognostic biomarkers
  • Predictive biomarkers
  • Biomarkers for emerging drug resistance
  • Biomarkers of toxicity
  • Research into the Molecular mechanisms of cancer
  • Detection techniques

Contact the CCC Biobank Administrator: Victoria Chekoldina

Contact details TBC, for information on sample holdings and for details on the application process.