The Trust’s Innovation Strategy affirms that the generation of fresh ideas, the creation of novel solutions and bringing in new ways of working drives better outcomes for patients.

The strategy, which runs until 2025 to keep it in line with our Five Year Plan and other strategies, has one of the Trust’s six strategic priorities at its heart - Be Innovative - and outlines a plan to nurture enterprise throughout its workforce.

The document, devised by Innovation Manager Drew Norwood-Green and Clinical Lead for Innovation Dr Seamus Coyle, was developed in consultation with staff, patients and the public through a series of engagement sessions.

The strategy outlines how Clatterbridge has been innovative in the past, creating new commercial companies, a joint venture, and launching initiatives such as the award-winning Clatterbridge in the Community scheme, providing at-home cancer treatments to patients. But it aims to embed this culture of innovation into the organisation through the new strategy to drive even better treatment and care.

You can download the Innovation Strategy here.

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