Kidney cancer research

Kidney cancer is cancer that starts in the kidneys, which are part of your body’s urinary system. The kidneys are made up of different types of cells. The type of cancer you have depends on the type of cell the cancer starts in.

The most common type of kidney cancer is renal cell cancer. It starts in the cells lining the tubules (the smallest tubes) inside the nephrons.

Around half of kidney cancers are diagnosed in people aged 70 and over. Kidney cancer is rare in people under 50. Kidney cancer is diagnosed more often in men than women.

Surgery is the main treatment for kidney cancer that hasn't spread to another part of your body. You might also have surgery for cancer that has spread (advanced cancer).

Your doctor might offer you biological therapy if your kidney cancer has spread.

Other treatments for kidney cancer include:

  • freezing the cancer (cryotherapy)
  • radio wave treatment (RFA)
  • radiotherapy
  • blocking the cancer's blood supply (arterial embolization)

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