We strive to improve patient care by staying at the forefront of groundbreaking new treatments, technologies and techniques to deliver more effective and personalised treatments than ever before.

We deliver high quality cancer research; the current portfolio includes:

  • A continually growing portfolio of research studies led by our Consultants and for which we act as Sponsor
  • A portfolio of National Institute for Health Research studies (Phases II, III)
  • Pharmaceutical commercially sponsored clinical trials (Phases I, II and III)
  • Gene therapy studies
  • Translational research, novel biomarker studies
  • Radiotherapy physics and radiobiological modeling
  • Radiotherapy, systemic therapy and supportive studies
  • Quality of life and survivorship studies
  • Qualitative research

Advanced Research Practitioner Barbara King has 15 years experience in Clinical Trials. Watch the video to hear about why research is important.

"Research gives our patients a choice of new cancer treatments for the future"

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Qualitative research

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