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Research Senior Management Team

Prof Christian Ottensmeier, Director of Clinical Research

Christian is responsible for the strategic direction of research for The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and links in with all of our partners to set our vision, aims and objectives.

"The Centre is committed to securing a national reputation for excellence in cancer research. Central to this goal is improving outcomes for our patients. We want to make real changes for the population of Cheshire and Merseyside"

Dr Gillian Heap, Director of Research and Innovation Operations
BSc (hons), MSc, PhD

Gillian has over 20 years experience of working in research management within the NHS, industry, contract research organisations and academia. Gillian has operational oversight of clinical and academic research within the organisation.

"Research is fundamental to the Centre's commitment to providing the best cancer care to the people that we serve. We will continue to expand our research portfolio to translate into improved treatments and better prognosis for our patients"

Dr Maria Maguire, Research Manager
BSc (hons), MPhil, PhD

Maria began her career as a Biochemist holding Post-Doctoral positions researching into the molecular mechanisms of cancer before becoming Quality Assurance Manager for the Liverpool Cancer Research UK Centre in 2009. She was appointed Research Manager at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in July 2012.

Emma Whitby, R&I Lead Nurse

Emma qualified in 1996 as a registered general nurse specialising in the field of oncology and working in a number of cancer centres across the UK, before joining the cancer research team in 2004 to work as a research practitioner.

Emma's role as R&I Lead Nurse is to provide managerial, operational and professional leadership to the clinical research delivery staff, providing strategic and operational management of clinical research activity.

Michelle Moffitt, Matron for Research and Innovation

Michelle began working at the Centre in 2006 as a staff nurse before joining the research team as an Advanced Research Practitioner in 2009. Since January 2018 Michelle has worked in the role as Research Delivery Manager and is now the Matron for Research and Innovation, providing management and leadership to the dedicated research staff including research nurses and clinical trial coordination staff. The team provides specialised infrastructure to deliver high quality clinical research to patients of Cheshire & Merseyside.

Jane Tinsley, Lead Haematology Research Nurse

Jane qualified in 1996 with a Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) degree and has worked in Haemato-oncology since 1997. Jane began working in research in 2009 and has been the Lead nurse for Haemato-oncology studies since 2017.
Jane's role is to provide management and oversight of all Haemato-oncology Clinical Trials at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. Her dedicated team of research nurses and data management staff support the delivery of all blood cancer clinical trials.

Research Management and Governance Team

The Research Management and Governance Team assure robust, rapid set up of studies and are available for help, advice and enquiries on all aspects of study management:

David Price, Governance & Quality Manager

David is responsible for any research governance issues that may arise, overseeing sponsorship for Clatterbridge Cancer Centre sponsored studies and the implementation of a robust and effective research audit system.

Lorraine Wilson-Manns, Research Partnerships Manager

Lorraine is responsible for the management of commercial study set up which incorporates, collation of regulatory documents, localised headed documents, and liaison with support departments including finance on the costs for studies and authorisation of capacity and capability for the site.

Andreia Ramos-Silva, Research Partnerships Facilitator

Andreia works alongside the Research Partnerships Manager with a main focus on non-commercial study set up for trust approval.

Doug Elkin, Research Co-ordinator

Doug works alongside the Research Governance and Quality Manager to deliver research governance with a main focus on Haemato-oncology trials, ECMC studies and those led by CCC-clinicians and for which CCC acts as Sponsor.

Gabby Lawrence, Research and Innovation Administrator

Gabby provides administrative and secretarial support to the R&I Directorate and Research Management and Governance Team. She is also responsible for the implementation of protocol amendments and supports study set-up.

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Research Delivery Team

We have a team of expert Research Practitioners, Research Officers and Clinical Trials Support Workers at the Centre in Wirral and across our peripheral clinics. The practitioners are divided into specialist teams for effective delivery.

Brain, Sarcoma and Melanoma Portfolio

Barbara King, Advanced Research Practitioner
0151 556 5102

Rebecca Grogan, Research Practitioner

0151 556 5198

Breast and Gynaecological Portfolio

Chelcie Faulker, Advanced Research Practitioner
0151 556 5460

Haemato-oncology Portfolio

Jane Tinsley, Advanced Research Practitioner
0151 706 4886

Head and Neck and GI Cancer Portfolio

Pembe Yesildag, Advanced Research Practitioner
0151 556 5442

HPB Portfolio

Jo Bygroves, Advanced Research Practitioner
0151 556 5527

Grace McGrath, Research Practitioner
0151 556 5510

Lung Portfolio

Alison Hassall, Advanced Research Practitioner
0151 556 5423

Urology Portfolio

Linda Lyons, Advanced Research Practitioner
0151 556 5340

ECMC Portfolio

Jennie Derham, Advanced Research Practitioner
0151 556 5443

Nurse-led Research

Lynda Appleton, Academic Nurse Researcher
0151 556 5438

Clinical Delivery Team

Jenny Miller, Research Practitioner
0151 556 5471

Joshua Williams, Research Support Worker

0151 556 5561

Emma Barry, Research Support Worker
0151 556 5561

Research Officer

Dagmara Bak, Research Officer
0151 556 5432

Bethan Edwards, Research Officer
0151 556 5432

Data Management and Project Team

We have a dedicated team of Clinical Trial Assistants to provide data management support for our portfolio of studies. The Clinical Trial Assistants are split into specialist teams for effective delivery.

Sue Green, Senior Clinical Trials Assistant

Erin Bennett, Senior Clinical Trials Assistant

Brain Portfolio

Susan Howard, Clinical Trials Assistant

Breast Portfolio

Sarah Bennett, Clinical Trials Assistant

ECMC Portfolio

Nick Garbutt, ECMC Senior Clinical Trials Assistant

Matthew Stott, Clinical Trials Assistant

Gynaecological Portfolio

Sarah Bennett, Clinical Trials Assistant

Head and Neck Portfolio

Susan Howard, Clinical Trials Assistant

HPB Portfolio

Nicola Dean, Clinical Trials Assistant

Lower GI Portfolio

Susan Howard, Clinical Trials Assistant

Lung Portfolio

Masuma Begum, Clinical Trials Assistant

Melanoma Portfolio

Hollie Wilson, Clinical Trials Assistant


Susan Howard, Clinical Trials Assistant

Upper GI Portfolio

Susan Howard, Clinical Trials Assistant

Urology Portfolio

Kathryn Hughes, Clinical Trials Assistant

Follow up studies

Alison Kelly, Clinical Trials Assistant

Project Support Managers

The team provides comprehensive project management support for Research Senior Management and the Clinical Academic Group. Their aim is to raise the profile of research at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

Jessica Moffitt, Research
0151 556 5431

Mary Jordan, Academic Research
0151 556 5197

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Laboratory Team

We have a dedicated Clinical Trials Laboratory with full technical capability for the processing of biological samples for research studies. The Clinical Trials Laboratory also houses the CCC Biobank.

For any Biobank or Laboratory queries, please contact a member of the team:

Victoria Chekoldina, Biobank Administrator

Rebecca Hopcroft, Clinical Trials Laboratory Technician

Helen Wynne, Clinical Trials Laboratory Technician