Imaging Physics

The Imaging Physics Group is responsible for physics support of imaging services to the Centre, both for diagnosis and for treatment planning. The group is responsible for scientific aspects of nuclear medicine, including unsealed-source therapy. Our Principal MR Physicist has particular responsibility for the scientific aspects of magnetic resonance imaging and provides support to the Centre’s picture archiving and communication systems (PACS).

We advise on the selection of medical imaging procedures, the methods by which they are performed, safety aspects including radiation dose levels or magnetic hazards and associated risks. We participate in the performance, analysis and evaluation of clinical investigations on individual patients, and assist in the reporting of the results.

In partnership with colleagues in other departments, we develop facilities, techniques and clinical protocols for medical imaging. This includes the selection, commissioning and maintenance of imaging equipment, and establishing and supporting the associated quality assurance programmes and procedures.

We undertake and support research and development of imaging techniques and their application to oncology, including radiotherapy treatment planning, dosimetry and the evaluation of disease response to treatment.

We also undertake the supervision of trainee clinical physicists and provide lectures, projects and assessments for imaging modules of the University of Liverpool Medical Physics MSc.