Old Guidance – Do not use!

Intravenous Access Devices:


If you need advice about individual medicines use the electronic medicines compendium which can be found at www.medicines.org.uk this will give you up to date manufacturers guidance. Please do not use printed materials which may not be current.

For regimen specific guidance please refer to SRG approved regimen below.

*If the required protocol is not available in version 11.0, please refer to version 10.1.

Acute Oncology

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS FT wishes to ensure your safety whilst undergoing cancer treatment with us. It is important to inform us about any medicines you are taking or have taken for your Cancer treatment.

If you have had Cancer treatment outside of the UK or privately before this episode we need to know about these treatments, this includes experimental, complimentary and non-standard medicines. It is important that we have an understanding of your complete medicines history to ensure your safety.