Our Nursing Career Pathway

Having the opportunity to build your career, develop new skills and continue learning during your time at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is really important. We invest in our nurses so you can advance your knowledge, nursing expertise and your career with us. Our goal is to excel as a learning organisation in which every member of staff understands their role in delivering high-quality patient care and works towards that goal every day.

That's why our Nursing Career Pathway & Competency Toolkit sets out a clear framework to help you achieve your ambitions by gaining the knowledge, experience and key competencies you will need every step of the way. It also outlines the courses and educational opportunities we provide.

It is aimed at the nursing workforce in its broadest sense, whether you are a Health Care Assistant aspiring to be a Registered Nurse or a Registered Nurse looking to develop the skills to progress into a senior leadership role.

This Toolkit should be used in conjunction with discussions with your manager and your annual PADR, so that they can help and support you to develop. The Clinical Education Department and the Learning and Development Teams are also here to advise and support you in your career planning and achievement of required competencies, so you are ready for the next steps in your career.

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