Clinical referral

The majority of referrals (98.2%) are from secondary care - consultant to consultant – while the rest come from GP’s.

We need the patient’s details as per the Inter Provider Transfer Minimum Data Set (IPTMDS) for all referrals, together with an accompanying letter.

You can download an example of the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre IPTMDS form here.

Referrals can be made by letter, phone, fax or email, although online referrals MUST use a secure address – for example an NHS email account.

A small number of referrals relate to overseas patients. In these cases we need as much information as possible, including diagnosis, surgery and previous treatment. Referrals must be made in English, but if the patient does attend the Centre for treatment we can arrange an interpreter.

Visit our international patients section for further information.

For further information about any aspect of patient referrals contact:

Linda Carpenter

Waiting Times Facilitator

Tel: 0151 556 5177

Fax: 0151 482 7726