Accessing Medical Records

In accordance with the Data Protection 1998 and Access to Health Records Act 1990, you or someone with your delegated authority, can apply to see your health record.

If the patient is a child, then a parent, guardian, or someone with parental responsibility can apply.

If the patient is deceased, the next-of-kin, or any person who may have a claim arising out of the patient's death, may see the relevant part of the deceased's health record.

Very rarely, we may deny or limit access to a certain part of the record. This may occur when, in the opinion of the record holder, revealing certain information may cause you, or the person applying for access, serious physical or mental harm.

Other situations where access to records may be denied include when details have been provided by a third party who may not want the information disclosed. Their rights to privacy have to be considered.

Applying to see your records

You must make your request in writing using the application form and send it to the

Clerical Manager, Administrative Services Department.
The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS FT,
Clatterbridge Road,
CH63 4JY.

We will require proof of your identity in order to avoid any breach of confidentiality, and if someone makes the application other than you the patient, then we will need proof that he or she is entitled to make the application on your behalf.

The process may take up to 40 days from the date that we receive your returned application form. If we require further information from you to assist us with your request, this may take longer.

If you do not understand any of the terms, you are entitled to an explanation from a health care professional. If you discover any inaccuracies, the health care professional will either make the necessary amendments, or make a record of your alleged inaccuracies.

During your treatment, you can ask to see your medical record from the health care professional responsible for your care. Such a request is not an application under the Health Records Act of 1990.