After treatment

Your treatment reaction will continue for 4 to 6 weeks after your treatment has finished. You will need to take special care of your eye and eyelids during this time.

  • If a blister forms on your eyelid it will heal quicker if it is left open to the air and you avoid creams and lotions.
  • Continue to be careful with the skin around the eye and carry on using cold compresses until any redness disappears. Once the redness has gone you may return to using lotion and creams.
  • Sometimes you may find that your eyelids are stuck together when you wake up in the morning. If so, moisten your eyelids with cotton wool and cooled boiled water, being as gentle as possible.
  • The skin of your treated eyelid will always be more sensitive to the sun, so precautions should be taken if you are likely to be outdoors.
  • Continue to use any eye drops given until you see your consultant ophthalmologist for your follow-up appointment.