Effects on your hair

Not all chemotherapy drugs will cause your hair to fall out but the nurse or doctor will advise you on this.

Sometimes hair loss is so small that you do not notice. Some drugs will cause partial or complete hair loss. The amount of hair loss will depend on the drug, the dose, your reaction to the drug and usually begins within two or three weeks.

Hair loss can be upsetting - do not be afraid to discuss your feelings with the nurse. We will arrange for the hairdresser to visit you to discuss the right kind of wig for you. You can choose from a wide selection in a colour catalogue that take about 1 week to order. Most of the time, you will have your wig before your hair loss is even noticeable.

You can help yourself in the following ways:

  • you may find it helpful to cut long hair if you have been advised that you will lose it. This will reduce the weight of the hair on the scalp
  • avoid using perms or chemical dyes
  • use gentle shampoo designed for frequent use
  • let your hair dry naturally, do not use heated appliances
  • apply a hairnet at night to contain hair loss caused by friction – you can dispose of this the next morning