Thorp, Nicola


Job Title: Consultant in Clinical Oncology at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and Honorary Consultant Clinical Oncologist at The Christie

Qualifications: MBChB, MRCP, FRCR

Speciality: Clinical Oncology

GMC Number: 3454231

Membership/Appointments: CCLG, SIOP, PROS, Member of the Faculty Board of The Royal College of Radiologists

Clinics: The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Alder Hey and The Christie

Tumour site(s): Paediatric Radiotherapy


Dr Thorp is a graduate of the University of Leicester. She specialises in Paediatric Radiotherapy (including Proton Beam Therapy) and the late effects of radiotherapy for childhood cancer.

Dr Thorp is the National Paediatric Radiotherapy Advisor to NHSE and UK Radiotherapy Lead for Ependymoma.