Haylock, Brian


Job Title: Consultant in Clinical Oncology

Qualifications: BSc, MB, DRCOG, MRCP, FRCR, LMCC, FRCP (Can)

Speciality: Clinical Oncology

GMC Number: 2503529


Clinics: Walton (Neuro), Royal Liverpool, Wirral

Tumour site(s): Colorectal, Upper Gastrointestinal Tract, CNS


Dr Haylock is a specialist in colorectal, upper gastro-intestinal tract and Central Nervous System cancer, Dr Haylock worked at the Vancouver Cancer Centre, Canada for six years before joining the centre in May 1999.

As one of the most experienced and accomplished consultants at the Centre, Dr Haylock is the lead clinician on the new £16m development to build a new radiotherapy centre in Liverpool by 2010.