PET scan cancellations/delays

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre works together with an external supplier called Alliance Medical to provide our PET-CT service. They produce and supply the radioactive tracer injection needed to carry out a PET-CT scan from two locations in the UK, Preston and Keele. This injection has a very short shelf life and is therefore produced on a daily basis.

The recent disruption has been caused by two separate challenges which have impacted the supply of the injection:

  • Alliance Medical’s site in Preston is currently being refurbished and planned to be back in production by the end of January 2020.
  • Alliance Medical has recently been experiencing equipment issues at their Keele site which have resulted in lower levels of the tracer injection being produced.

Alliance Medical is working hard to find solutions to these challenges, and is working with all other possible providers to help minimise disruption.

The PET-CT team have been working closely with the appointment booking team at Liverpool University Hospitals to notify any affected patients as soon as possible to reschedule their appointments. Where possible, appointments have been provided at alternative locations, and in the event that appointments could not take place, patients have received rescheduled appointments within an average of three days.

Unfortunately, patients have been affected by this issue on more than one occasion and we would like to apologise to you and your families and friends for any additional distress and anxiety caused.

We continue to work with Alliance Medical to try and minimise disruption where we can and make every effort to avoid cancellations.