The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is proud to be supporting #hellomynameis

#hellomynameis is a national campaign initiated by Dr Kate Granger who, when receiving treatment for cancer, found that many staff looking after her did not introduce themselves before delivering care. The essence of the campaign is to encourage and remind healthcare staff about the importance of introductions in the delivery of their care. This isn't just about knowing someone's name, but about making a human connection to begin a therapeutic relationship and build trust to provide compassionate care.

You can find out more about the campaign here.

Meet some of the dedicated staff who are working hard every day to ensure we provide the best possible cancer care to the people we serve.

Ted Dillon Commissionaire
"I provide a smiling face and a warm welcome to everyone who walks through our doors."

Liz Waters, Dietitian
"As a Dietitian, I use my of nutritional, medical and social science and translate it into practical information about food; helping to improve quality of life for our patients."

Barry Mitchell, Estates Officer
"I maintain The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre building in Wirral so it’s a safe and comfortable environment for patients, visitors and staff."

Nicky Snelson – Senior Clinical Scientist
“I’m a state registered clinical scientist and I use my physics knowledge and skills to plan radiotherapy treatments for our patients.”

Cat Lowe - Radiographer
“I am a therapeutic radiographer; I’m responsible for the planning and delivery of radiation treatments to patients.”

Steph Cambridge – Registered Pharmacy Technician
“I’m in charge of the production of the patient’s chemotherapy treatments in the oncology pharmacy department. We prepared nearly 70,000 individual intravenous chemotherapy doses last year. ”

Matt Elias – IT Service Desk
“I make sure computer systems across the hospital are available and running smoothly, helping clinicians to give the best care to our patients.”

Roy Moore – Porter
“I try to make sure our patients are as happy and relaxed as they can be when I’m taking them for treatment.”

Ian – Senior Chemotherapy Nurse
“I deliver cancer fighting chemotherapy to help patients through their cancer journey.”

Sue Relph - Patient Experience Manager
“I’m responsible for PALS at Clatterbridge (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) and also look after our volunteers. I’m always happy to hear your feedback.”

Debbie Rothwell – Fundraising
“I’m on hand to help anyone who wants to raise money for Clatterbridge and feel privileged to meet so many inspirational people doing incredible things for the hospital.”

Professor Michael Brada - Consultant Oncologist and Professor of Radiation Oncology
“I treat people with lung cancer and also carry out research & clinical trials into new radiotherapy treatments. My main research focus for the last 10 years has been developing and testing novel technologies including highly-precise radiation treatments and motion management techniques that take into account factors including movement due to patients' breathing during radiotherapy.”

Angela Ashcroft – Macmillan Senior Lecturer
“I work in the Clinical Education Department and provide education and professional development so healthcare staff can deliver skilled care to patients.”

Lisa Kelly – Senior Chemotherapy Team Leader
“I’m based in the Clatterbridge Clinic in the Linda McCartney Centre in Liverpool, delivering chemotherapy to our patients - closer to their homes. We run chemotherapy clinics in seven hospitals across the region.”

Bushra Booth – Finance Business Partner
“I advise the inpatient wards, supportive care and admin services with business planning and budget management, business cases for new investments and funding linked to any changes to staffing.”

Debbie Connell - Benefits Adviser
“Money can be a big concern for people with cancer. I work with patients to help them access the financial support they’re entitled to and resolve any issues.”

Lisa Williams - Staff Nurse, Outpatients
“I support the doctors in clinic and give patients additional information and support.”

Joanna Hughes & Carlisle – Radiotherapy Advanced Practitioners
“We’re team leaders and imaging specialist at the radiotherapy treatment centre in Aintree.”

Yvonne Bottomley - Deputy Chief Executive & Finance Director
“I’m part of the leadership team and the Board that runs the hospital.”

Catherine McMullen - Information Manager
“I provide business intelligence for the centre to measure our performance against NHS standards to ensure quality for our patients.”

Laura Elder, Teenage & Young Adult Lead Nurse
"I support young people through cancer treatment by providing specialist age-appropriate care in our Teenage & Young Adult (TYA) unit. I also work with the wider TYA team that supports and encourages young people having cancer treatment including psychological support, peer support and social activities."

Jake Blake – Trainee Dosimetrist
“I monitor the level of radiation output on the treatment machines and measure how much radiation patients are receiving so that treatments are safe.”

Ian Taylor
“I work in the UK’s only proton therapy centre, here at Clatterbridge, and help deliver cutting-edge eye cancer treatment.”

Alison Martin Macmillan Occupational Therapist
“I work in a small team of two Occupational Therapists. We use rehabilitation methods, advice and equipment to try and limit the effects of disability and promote independence in all aspects of daily life.”

Medical Secretary – Samantha Williams
“I work closely with consultants to make sure patients are kept up-to-date on their treatment journey.”

Laura Patterson - Radiotherapy Support Worker
“I support the patients when they come to our centre in Aintree for radiotherapy treatment.”

Trish Shelley - Employment Services Officer
“I ensure quality and timely recruitment for all staff vacancies at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.”

Claire Atkinson – Lead Nuclear Medicine Radiographer
“I use PET CT scanning to diagnose and stage cancer.”

Alison Hassal - Advanced Research Practitioner
"I am a research nurse within the urology portfolio, helping recruit patients onto clinical trials and support them throughout their treatment."

Jan Youlton - Domestic Mersey ward
"I help keep the wards clean and safe for patients."