Information for inpatients

We understand that if you or a relative are due to stay in The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre as an inpatient you will naturally want to find out more about the hospital. This section contains useful general information that should answer any questions that you may have.

Free wifi is available on our inpatient wards

Our Inpatient Wards

All of our inpatient wards provide single sex accommodation.

Visiting hours:

Every day - 2:00pm to 8:00pm

Visiting hours have been set to allow patients to attend to their daily needs.
The evening meal is at 6:00pm, during this time visiting is restricted to one visitor per bed to allow patients some privacy.


Sulby Ward

A planned admission 5-day inpatient ward. Sulby has 22 beds and we deliver systemic anti-cancer treatments, supportive therapies, brachytherapy and other clinical procedures.
Telephone: 0151 556 5013

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Hotline
A 24/7 telephone advice service, led by experienced cancer nurses and is available for patients, relatives and other health professionals to contact for advice during treatment or within six weeks of treatment. The unit is based within Sulby Ward. The Advanced Nurse Practitioner team run a daily clinic from the Unit to support patients with symptoms related to their cancer treatment.

Mersey Ward

A 25 bed 7-day inpatient ward designated to patients requiring unplanned admission for ongoing support during treatment or care related to an acute event. You may be admitted to Mersey Ward initially, but transferred to one of our other wards for ongoing care. This ward includes a 4-bed Teenage and Young Adult Unit which provides care for patients between the ages of 16-24 yrs.
Telephone: 0151 556 5023

Conway Ward

A 26-bed, 7-day inpatient ward with two designated step-up beds available for patients who become unwell and require closer monitoring by the ward team. On Conway Ward we care for patients who are receiving systemic anti-cancer treatments and radiotherapy treatment that require an inpatient admission. Conway Ward also specialises in the care of head and neck cancer patients.
Telephone: 0151 556 5019


Friends and relatives should NOT visit if they feel unwell, have an infection, diarrhoea or vomiting. Visitors should not use toilet facilities on the ward, but should use the toilets in the main reception.

Please respect other patients’ need for rest whilst visiting the ward.

It would be appreciated if the number of visitors at the bedside at any one time could be kept to a minimum. We also ask that visitors do not sit on, or put personal items on, any hospital beds.

Personal possessions

We provide every patient with a locker and wardrobe. However, these are not secure, so we advise that valuables and money are not brought into the hospital.

Patients are allowed to bring in and use their mobile phones on the wards, except camera phones, which are not permitted. Please be considerate to other patients, especially those who may be sleeping, when using your phone.

Our hospital electricians MUST check any electrical appliances, including mobile phone chargers, brought onto the ward before they can be used.


Patients are encouraged to dress in their usual clothes during the day. If you are having radiotherapy you should follow the clothing advice found in our Radiotherapy booklet, which is available from your nurse or radiographer.


Meals and refreshments

We cater for all special diets. Patients should discuss any dietary requirements with their nurse, who will arrange for a visit from our dietitian if necessary.

We also operate a limited 24-hour catering service for times when meals are missed, because of treatment time or admission time.

Although there is a shop on site, it is not open 24 hours a day so you may prefer to bring in your own toiletries or snacks. A small amount of labelled food can be kept in the wards’ fridges.

For visitors there are a variety of snack and meal options available, including:

  • The Firtrees restaurant
  • 08.00am to 18.00pm every day

  • The RVS coffee shop
  • 08.00am - 17.30pm Monday - Friday

    11.00am – 14.00pm Saturdays and Sundays

  • The small tea bar near to the radiotherapy department
  • 09.00am – 17.30pm Monday -Thursday

    09.00am – 16.00pm Friday

  • Vending machines are located in the main reception
  • The trolley shop visits each ward every morning for patients who may be unable to get to the shop.


Patients' facilities

We have a selection of facilities available to you, to try to make your stay as comfortable and relaxed as possible:

  • Patients' lounge
  • Our patients' lounge is located on the first floor next to the Sulby Ward and is a great place to relax. Activities taking place include; craft and relaxation classes, and church services. A timetable of activities is available.

  • Spiritual care
  • Representatives of the different religious faiths visit the wards regularly. We hold services in the patients' lounge and on Sundays a service is held in the chapel located in the hospital grounds. We can also arrange for Holy Communion to be held on the wards.


Therapy Dog

Research shows that there are many therapeutic benefits in having contact with animals, particularly for children and older people, with the contact helping to normalise situations that can be anything but normal for patients.

Therapy Dogs Nationwide ( is a national charity that sees volunteers taking dogs into hospitals to be handled by patients.

Here at the Centre, we have our very own therapy dog, Callie, who visits the centre two days each week with her owner Sue Yates, to bring a smile to our patients.

Arrangements for weekend leave (Radiotherapy patients)

Patients without problems and with permission from their doctor can go home for the weekend (using private transport) after treatment on a Friday and return on the Monday at 09:00am.

If required, an ambulance service is available to provide transport for weekend leave to patients living in the Gwynedd area.

If you become unwell at the weekend, you should telephone your ward and talk to a nurse. If necessary, we can arrange for re-admission.