Information for inpatients

We understand that if you or a relative are due to stay in The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre as an inpatient you will naturally want to find out more about the hospital. This section contains some useful general information.


In order to keep our patients and staff safe during the coronavirus pandemic, we have restricted access to all our sites in line with the national NHS guidance:

  • Only patients, staff and essential services (e.g. deliveries) are allowed.
  • No visitors are allowed, including family members/carers, other than exceptional circumstances agreed in advance.

We are sorry that we cannot allow visitors at this time and hope you will appreciate that we are doing it to keep people safe and reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission as far as possible. This is especially important for people with cancer and those caring for them.

We have special arrangements in place to support inpatients while these visiting restrictions are in place:

If you believe exceptional circumstances apply and want to request permission to visit, you should speak to staff on the ward/department in question. They will be happy to discuss this and make any appropriate arrangements.

Inpatient wards

All of our inpatient wards are located in Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Liverpool.

Ward 2 - Level 2
Telephone: 0151 556 5023

Ward 3 - Level 3
Telephone: 0151 556 5019

Ward 4 - Level 4
Telephone: 0151 318 8624

Ward 5 - Level 5
Telephone: 0151 318 8631

Meals and refreshments

Patients should discuss any dietary requirements with their nurse, who will arrange for a visit from our dietitian if necessary.

We also operate a limited 24-hour catering service for times when meals are missed, because of treatment time or admission time.

Although there's shops on our sites, they are not open 24 hours a day so you may prefer to bring in your own toiletries or snacks.

For visitors there are a variety of snack and meal options available, including:

  • Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Liverpool
    Blackburne House Café

  • Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Wirral
    The RVS coffee shop – main reception
  • RVS tea bar - near to the radiotherapy department

  • Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Aintree
    The RVS coffee shop – main reception
  • Vending machines are located at our sites
  • The trolley shop visits each ward every morning for patients who may be unable to get to the shop.

Patients' facilities

  • Reflection Room and Chaplaincy service
    There is a Reflection Room located on Level 4 at CCC-Liverpool where patients and visitors may reflect or pray. We also offer a chaplaincy service to offer support patients and their families at our sites.

  • Relatives’ overnight accommodation
    We have three relatives’ rooms on Level 3 at CCC-Liverpool. Each room has an en-suite and can accommodate two adults on a double sofa-bed, along with a shared kitchen.