World Lung Cancer Day: Meet Dr Tariq

Posted 1st August 2019

Every year, The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre cares for 1,400 patients with lung cancer.

With the North West having the highest rates of lung cancer in the country, The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is at the forefront of treatment and research for these patients, with an expert team working together to offer the very best care.

As today is World Lung Cancer Day, we’d like to introduce you to Consultant Medical Oncologist Noor Tariq, one of the expert clinicians working within the Lung Team.

“I’m a new consultant here at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and have only just started with the team. It’s is a good place to be because the treatment is really revolutionary these days, with all new improvements – for example, immunotherapy.

“We are making exciting changes to our treatments and it’s good that it’s really moved on. There’s lots of progression.”

“Giving the best possible care to our patients here at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is the most important thing, offering them the latest drugs and treatments that are available.”

“It’s a wonderful team here. The word team is really important and we all work together and I love that. I’m supported by all my colleagues, including Dr Tony Pope and Dr Richard Griffiths, who help me immensely. Many years ago, you used to be able to work alone in oncology but these days, it’s all about team work; working with your colleagues to enhance their skills and yours, all for the sake of our patients.”