Visiting restrictions reintroduced due to rise in COVID-19

Posted 16th June 2021

The rise in COVID-19 cases locally means that we have reintroduced full visiting restrictions* on all our sites with immediate effect. Many people with cancer are at particularly high risk from infections such as COVID-19 and we have to put our patients’ safety first. We hope you understand why we have taken this decision.

This means:

  • No visitors are allowed on inpatient wards, other than exceptional circumstances agreed in advance (e.g. end of life)
  • No visitors are allowed to accompany patients to appointments, other than exceptional circumstances agreed in advance (e.g. for patients with additional needs)
  • No business visitors/contractors, other than for essential work and maintenance agreed in advance

Arrangements for inpatients

We have special arrangements in place to support inpatients while these visiting restrictions are in place:

If you believe exceptional circumstances apply and want to request permission to visit, you should speak to staff on the ward/department in question. They will be happy to discuss this and make any appropriate arrangements.

*We had been piloting limited visiting for inpatients. This has now stopped.