Staff sign up to help patients by supporting #EndPJparalysis campaign

Posted 25th July 2018

In March 2018, Professor Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer for England, launched a campaign to get patients up, dressed in their own clothes, and moving to boost their recovery.

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is fully supportive of the campaign and staff who care for our inpatients will encourage them to get up, get dressed and get moving whenever they possibly can.

For many, wearing pyjamas reinforces being sick and can prevent recovery. Studies show that three-in-five immobile, older patients in hospital had no medical reason that required bed rest and doubling the amount of walking while in hospital reduces the length of stay.

Having to stay on bed rest because of illness or treatment can have an effect on your entire body.

For example, for people over the age of 80:

· 10 days in bed it can age muscles by 10 years

· One week of bed rest can result in 10% muscle loss

This loss of strength could make the difference between staying independent or needing more help with daily living. It is very important to prevent excess loss of strength and to begin moving as soon as possible.

We need to encourage family, friends, carers and visitors to help by bringing in clothes and footwear that patients feel safe and comfortable wearing.

Sheila Lloyd, Director of Nursing and Quality said: “We want to provide the best cancer care to our patients and we believe by encouraging them to get dressed rather than staying in their pyjamas or hospital gown when they do not need to boosts recovery.

“Wearing your own clothes also enhances dignity, safety and helps patients retain their sense of identity, and when something works well for patients it works for staff too.”

Benefits for patients:

· Quicker recovery

· Able to maintain normal routine

· Return home sooner