Staff Achievement Award Winner - June 2017

Posted 12th July 2017


Congratulations to Emma Dyson, winner of the Staff Achievement Award for June 2017. Emma was nominated by patients. This is what they had to say…

"Emma is an extremely caring and kind hearted individual. She is clearly passionate about looking after people. I recently attended the medical day unit, to find my appointment was in fact in outpatients, I had come to the wrong department. I am also not very mobile due to recovering from a stroke, without being asked Emma sprung into action and offered to take me to outpatients, realising it would be too far for me to walk she obtained a chair to take me there. She booked me in and asked how long the waiting time would be, then she offered to get me refreshments. I am so grateful for her kindness."

"Emma is always very helpful when I come for my appointment and always greets me with a smiley face and always makes time to have a little chat. She always asks how I am and my family with a genuine interest."

"Emma is always very helpful and friendly when I come for my appointment. She always remembers I come on the bus and always makes my follow up appointment for a time that fits in with the bus. She always does this without being asked. She is a real credit to the team."

"Emma is always smiling and very welcoming to both patients and visitors. She is a lovely girl and always very helpful to both patients, visitors and staff, nothing is too much trouble for her. She is a real credit to the department."

"Emma is like a big ray of sunshine! She welcomes everybody with a big smile, she makes you forget that you are attending for treatment and really lifts you up. She makes time to chat to the patients sat waiting in the waiting area and she makes time to chat to patients receiving treatment. She is a real asset to the team."