The Retrosettes delight patients and staff with special performance at CCC-Aintree

Posted 29th September 2017


Patients at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Aintree enjoyed some live music while they waited for their appointments during a special performance by band The Retrosettes.

The three piece performed covers of songs by The Beatles, Johnny Cash and The Everly Brothers in the radiotherapy waiting area, during an hour long set.

The band took requests and enjoyed jokes and conversation with patients and their family and friends.

The performance was organised by Music in Hospitals and Care, who arrange similar mini concerts in hospitals and care homes around the country.

The charity’s director Jess Ingham said: “Our catch line is ‘Joy through live music’, and that is what we try to achieve every time. We want to put on performances that raise spirits and are inclusive for everyone.”

Helen Bytheway, who plays keyboards in The Retrosettes, said the band loved every minute of their performance.

She added: “Music unites people and it was lovely to see the patients having a shared experience. It was also nice to think we could help distract their thoughts from their treatment for a little while.”

Helen was joined by her husband Paul Bytheway on guitar and vocals, and drummer Rick Weedon.

They have been performing for Music in Hospitals and Care for more than a year, combining it with gigs for weddings and events where they perform as part of a five piece group.

The charity has more than 450 groups and solo musicians appearing all over the country. All bands go through a stringent selection process to ensure they are suitable to appear in hospitals and care homes.

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