​High praise for CCC from medical students

Posted 2nd August 2023


Medical students on placement at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre this year have given exceptional feedback on the quality of the teaching they received, the welcoming environment and the expertise and professionalism of staff.

Each year, we welcome fourth-year and fifth-year medical students from the University of Liverpool and across the North West as they spend time in hospitals gaining first-hand experience as part of their training.

We have now received feedback from all eight groups who did placements with us in the academic year which began last September and they are full of praise for their time at Clatterbridge.

Six students enjoyed it so much that they have decided to come back and do their electives at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

The key themes in feedback this year were:

  • The professionalism and welcome shown by all staff, ensuring they have a positive educational experience during their week
  • Great teaching from multidisciplinary teams including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, CDU, wards and clinics
  • Consultant and senior SpR-led educational supervision of students has been excellent and supportive – we now have a dedicated small group of supervisors to lead us into the next academic year
  • Junior doctors created bedside-style teaching sessions for medical students this term which has been well received
  • The Wednesday teaching mornings provided quality, senior-led, face-to-face teaching on oncology and haemato-oncology

It is a real tribute to the incredible support that medical students receive here thanks to the fantastic work of everyone involved in their placements. We want to say an enormous thank-you to all those individuals and teams, including:

  • Supervisors
  • Teams hosting students
  • Staff providing teaching and education
  • Medical Education for organising and managing the programme

In addition to hosting fourth-year medical students on short placements, we also offered specialty SAMP (selective in advanced medical practice) and elective placements ranging from four to six weeks – including haemato-oncology, oncology and palliative medicine – where fifth-year medical students can explore an area in more depth.]

We’re now looking forward to hosting even more medical students next year following the expansion in placements.