Have your say on local blood cancer proposals

Posted 10th May 2021

Your local NHS is looking at ways of further improving care for people with blood cancers such as leukaemias, lymphomas and myelomas. The proposals aim to enhance services at Aintree University Hospital (AUH) and Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Liverpool (CCC-L) by bringing the blood cancer teams from both hospitals together to work as one team.

Creating a larger blood cancer team in this way would allow healthcare professionals to develop greater sub-specialist expertise - i.e. becoming extremely expert in particular aspects of blood cancer and its treatment - than they can in smaller teams. This is increasingly important as researchers learn more about the many different types of blood cancer and how best to treat them.

Services would continue to be provided at both sites. The vast majority of patients would still be seen and treated where they are now. Some people who need overnight care in hospital could in future be admitted to the specialist Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Liverpool rather than Aintree University Hospital; others would still be admitted to Aintree if they needed to stay in hospital overnight.

The NHS is keen to hear the views of people who have (or have had) blood cancer, their relatives/carers and others with experience of these services or who may be affected by the proposals.

You can find out more and have your say until Sunday 20th June 2021.

Visit the dedicated webpage for full details.