​External works affecting pick-up/drop-off area at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Liverpool

Posted 21st July 2021

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Liverpool (CCC-L) opened just over a year ago providing state-of-the-art facilities and a superb care environment. Over the next few weeks we will be making some additional enhancements to the building exterior, including landscaping the roof terraces for patients and staff to enjoy and some aesthetic glazing work on a small number of the coloured panels.

The work will start on Monday 26th July and is expected to take five weeks. It will involve some temporary changes to pick-up/drop-off facilities. Our free patient parking at Mount Pleasant and the shuttle bus service are not affected. Further details are included below. Please allow extra time for your journey if you use the drop-off bay.

Monday 26th July to Friday 20th August

  • The regular pick-up/drop-off bay on the road outside the hospital will be closed.
  • There will be a replacement drop-off zone in the ambulance bay just off Pembroke Place, between the University of Liverpool Dental School and Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Liverpool. This will be staffed by Security and no waiting will be allowed. Temporary signage will be in place to show people where the replacement drop-off bay is.
  • Our free patient parking on Level 5 of Mount Pleasant Car Park (38 Mount Pleasant, L3 5TB) is not affected. There is a free shuttle bus service every 20 minutes between the car park and the hospital. The bus is wheelchair accessible. Face coverings must be worn. Bring your parking ticket to the hospital and ask the reception staff to validate it for free parking. More information is available here.
  • Workers will operate at height using platforms outside the hospital. Hospital staff will keep you informed to maintain privacy and dignity.

Monday 23rd August to Tuesday 31st August

  • Access to the pick-up/drop-off bay outside the hospital will continue to be restricted, as it will be needed by the ambulance and patient transport services. It is extremely important that this space is kept free for them. Other vehicles will not be allowed to wait there and we would advise you to continue using our free patient parking and shuttle bus service if you can.
  • Workers will be operating at height outside the roof terraces. Hospital staff will keep you informed to maintain privacy and dignity.

We are very much looking forward to opening our roof terraces for the enjoyment of patients and staff once the work is complete.