Clatterbridge patients and staff must continue to wear face coverings and follow social distancing rules

Posted 16th July 2021

In line with national guidance, everyone accessing or visiting The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre must continue to wear a face covering and follow social distancing rules.

COVID-19 restrictions will end in many settings across England from Monday 19th July, however Public Health England’s infection prevention control guidelines and hospital visiting guidance are set to remain in place for staff, patients and visitors across all health services, with anyone accessing or visiting a health and care setting expected to follow social distancing rules and use face coverings, masks and other personal protection equipment.

England’s Chief Nurse, Ruth May, said: “Face coverings and social distancing measures will remain in place across healthcare settings so that the most vulnerable people can continue to safely attend hospital, their GP surgery, pharmacy or any other healthcare settings for advice, care and treatment.”

All staff, patients and other members of the public at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre are required follow these rules at all times across all sites. Face masks are provided at all entrances.

Please note that the current visiting restrictions at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre will continue to apply. These are outlined below:

  • No visitors are allowed on inpatient wards, other than exceptional circumstances agreed in advance (e.g. end of life)
  • No visitors are allowed to accompany patients to appointments, other than exceptional circumstances agreed in advance (e.g. for patients with additional needs)
  • No business visitors/contractors, other than for essential work and maintenance agreed in advance.

Many people with cancer are at particularly high risk from infections such as COVID-19 and we have to put our patients’ safety first. We hope you understand why these visiting rules remain in place.

If you believe exceptional circumstances apply and want to request permission to visit, you should speak to staff on the ward/department in question. They will be happy to discuss this and make any appropriate arrangements.

To find out about the special arrangements in place to support inpatients while these visiting restrictions apply, please visit this page.