Clatterbridge Cancer Centre patient lights up Liverpool for Brain Tumour Awareness Month

Posted 6th April 2023

Laura Elizabeth Mahon , 30, from Warrington but now living in St Helens, is currently receiving chemotherapy at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust, after being diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) brain tumour in 2021 whilst she was 20 weeks pregnant. She was given two years to live less than five months into her pregnancy after she woke up and could not feel her toes.

Her GP sent her for an MRI where she discovered that she had a brain tumour. Laura was told by doctors that this was a very unique case and they wanted to monitor her before deciding what to do.

But when she became extremely unwell at 27 weeks pregnant, Laura and her soon-to-be husband Danny Mahon, 28, made the difficult decision to bring their baby daughter into the world at 30 weeks through C-section.

After having brain surgery a week later at The Walton Centre, Laura then had six weeks of radiotherapy and chemotherapy combined, followed by six months of chemotherapy. The brain tumour, which is pushing on her motor cortex, cannot be removed completely with surgery, but has been reduced slightly.

Unfortunately, her last scan showed tumour progression and Laura is now back receiving chemotherapy at Clatterbridge.

Having gone through such a journey so far, Laura and Danny wanted to do something to raise awareness of brain tumours and unite those going through the same. Laura said:

“The Brain Tumour Research Charity asked people to get in touch with their local councils about lighting up their cities during Brain Tumour Awareness Month.

“I reached out and managed to get in contact with the Mayor’s office, who agreed to light up Liverpool on Friday 31st March to mark the end of Brain Tumour Awareness Month.

“As someone who has experienced this awful disease, I just want to raise awareness and help in any way I can.”