Appeal Partners

Ever since James Seaton Smythe founded the forerunner of The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in 1862 with his original gift of £10,000, significant donations have played a key role in our history.

Amongst them, a major donation of £750,000 in 1984 from Joseph K Douglas enabled the groundbreaking establishment of Proton Therapy in the UK – a facility that still exists today and remains the only one of its kind in the country; a national and international centre for treating ocular cancer.

The ethos of founding something with a philanthropic gesture that will have lasting impact on future generations is still relevant today – perhaps even more so.

We are embarking on a journey to transform cancer care by expanding our services into the heart of the population we serve and progressing even further with the groundbreaking research and therapies we undertake. We are building a comprehensive specialist cancer hospital – Liverpool’s first – alongside the University of Liverpool and the new Royal Liverpool Hospital.

Not only will this facility be more accessible for the majority of our patients, the co-location will mean we can offer more enhanced, first in human clinical trials as and when they are available, in addition to rapid access to critical care and other specialist services. For the first time, in the region with the poorest outcomes, patients will have access to all the leading edge services they need on one site.

There are a number of partnering opportunities available in the new flagship cancer hospital which are assigned to:

  • Medical Equipment
  • Environment and Facilities – named areas
  • Research
  • The main hospital building

Making a Gift

The New Cancer Hospital Appeal offers donors different ways in which giving can be made easy and effective whether a gift is made by an individual, an organisation or a grant-giving body.

A pledge of support can be made with the option to spread donations over a maximum of four financial years. Bequests may be made annually, quarterly or monthly and allows the donor to budget their support over a number of tax years giving them the opportunity to make a significant contribution to this special project whilst still maintaining longstanding or ongoing support for other causes.

To find out more about becoming a partner, contact the team on 0151 482 7948.