Let's Transform Cancer Care

Cancer is now the leading cause of death in the UK, with the current statistics showing that almost half of us will develop the disease over our lifetime; and for many cancers, the incidence and number of deaths are significantly higher in the North West. We know that there is an urgent need for better tests, earlier diagnosis and more effective treatments for our patients, and your support will help us to face this challenge, transforming cancer care in our region.

With your support, our new hospital in Liverpool alongside our existing network of operating sites could mean that Merseyside and Cheshire will become a world-class centre of excellence in cancer, with patients benefitting from the most advanced cancer treatment, facilities and expertise – along with ground-breaking research and ‘first in human’ clinical trials - as close to home as possible.

We can do all this, but we can’t do it alone. We know that this is a once in a generation chance to make huge progress in the fight against cancer, which is why we are calling on the people who live in our area to get behind it. We want to do the best we can now for patients in the future, so that in years to come, our children and their children will have access to world-leading cancer treatment.


Patient Care

We are excited to introduce a brand new Innovation Fund. Available to all staff members and departments at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, we aim to identify the needs of our patients that go beyond what the NHS provides and how charitable donations can help our frontline staff and those behind the scenes to provide the best possible care.

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From the redevelopment of The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Wirral, to funding therapeutic work around the arts and creating peaceful outside spaces, we know that the environment at Clatterbridge is important to the treatment and recovery of cancer patients. We will continue to fund this vital work to make The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre a place where patients feel as happy and supported as possible.

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The world embraced the digital age in 2020 and we know that it is key to the future of cancer care too. It is our aim to support the team at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre to stay at the forefront of technology while helping to fund the digital environment that makes such a difference to our patients.

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We will continue our funding of vital research at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, enabling our clinicians to look at new ways to treat and prevent cancer, support clinical trials and enable important studies such as those to determine how Covid-19 affects people with cancer.