Keeping Clatterbridge special

We are so often told that The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is unlike any other hospital. We pride ourselves on providing an environment in which patients receive the best possible experience, with the special touches that mean so much. It is so important to us that we can do this for our patients, at our centres in Wirral and Aintree along with our network of chemotherapy clinics in hospitals across the region, and it is something that we certainly aim to bring to our new hospital in the heart of Liverpool.

It’s thanks to your donations that we can support such work as:

  • Ward refurbishments
  • A dedicated playroom
  • Free massages
  • Better quality wigs for those coping with hair loss
  • Creating a brighter environment

We constantly need to fund new ways to provide these things for our patients. With your help, we can keep Clatterbridge as a place that stays in people’s hearts.

We are so grateful to the thousands of dedicated fundraising volunteers, supporters and donors, without whom the projects funded by the charity would not be possible.

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