How You've Helped

It’s thanks to your support that we can be at the forefront of cancer treatments: the latest equipment and technologies are essential to providing our patients with the best possible care.

The charity has funded a range of projects to help make this happen, such as bringing in new ways of treating cancer, bringing cancer treatment closer to patients’ homes and breaking boundaries by becoming the first in the UK to offer a number of treatments. We constantly need to fund new ways to provide these things for our patients. With your help, we can keep Clatterbridge as a place that stays in people’s hearts.

We are so grateful to the thousands of dedicated fundraising volunteers, supporters and donors, without whom the projects funded by the charity would not be possible. The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity has been proud to be part of a number of achievements and firsts at Clatterbridge, including


The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre was the first hospital in the UK to install a groundbreaking radiotherapy treatment machine in 2015, allowing specialists to break boundaries in the fight against cancer.

Papillon Treatment Facility

We are the first hospital in the UK to pioneer this ground breaking treatment for colorectal cancer and this was all funded by charity supporters.

Chemotherapy Closer to Home

Clatterbridge leads the way in how we deliver chemotherapy, using transport funded by the charity to deliver medicine to our network of clinics, bringing cancer treatment closer to patients homes.


A system that could allow researchers at Clatterbridge to answer some of cancer’s biggest questions, right here in your local cancer hospital.

Headstrong Room

The busiest service of it’s kind in the UK, it’s thanks to charity donations that we have a dedicated space for patients dealing with hair loss.

Gold Seed Markers

Innovative treatment for prostate cancer patients, developed right here at Clatterbridge and funded by your support.