Supporter Stories

We can't transform cancer care on our own, take a look at our wonderful supporter stories!

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Tabatha Duff

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2020, with no family history, no faulty genes, just pure rubbish luck. Being diagnosed was exactly how you’d imagine it to be, absolutely awful. That day was the worst day of my life. I was completely and utterly distraught."

Nikki Best

"I have worked with dedicated, amazing colleagues who contribute to give our patients and their families the very best support and treatment we can. It is amazing what goes on behind the scenes to make the patient experience the best it can be."

James Catlow

"Clatterbridge provided the best care throughout my treatment journey, their dedicated staff always so cheerful, positive and upbeat, keeping my spirits up during some very difficult times. It is a very special place and I will always be grateful to them."

Siobhan Sutherland

"Clatterbridge will always hold a special place in my heart because of the people. It's just not like anywhere else I have been to and regardless of the circumstances that led me to this place, I will always smile when I think of it."

Karen Jones

"Over the years, I have seen the impact that donations to our charity have on patients, whether it’s through life-saving research, the best equipment or creating a warm and welcoming environment; your support really does help to change and save people’s lives."

Kathryn Rudge

"Clatterbridge enabled us to enjoy time on the road together. We were able to make and share the best memories and I am certain that none of this would have been possible without the support, and the care we received from the hospital."

The Clatterbridge Private Clinic

“I have always wanted to do a Skydive. It’ll be an exciting and terrifying experience, but when I think how a patient feels going through cancer treatment, especially during a Pandemic, taking part in a Skydive suddenly doesn’t seem quite as frightening."

Mike Wills

"I am feeling confident for the race with an expected time of around 2 hours, but a finish will be all that's required. The money I have raised will be in memory of Ian, and will hopefully help others battling this terrible disease”

John Carey-Shields

“Finding out that my old friend, and work colleague was given a terminal prognosis I knew I had to do something to help. In support of his treatment at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, I decided to challenge myself and cycle more than 60 miles.”

Grace Prior

"My stepdad has been receiving treatment for over two years now, and it has prolonged his life more than we could have ever imagined. We are so lucky, so the least I can do is raise as much money as I can to keep funding the amazing work they do."

Sean Tan

"I should be the last person anyone goes to for advice, but for anyone thinking of taking on a challenge event I would say just enjoy the event, don’t worry about others. Everyone is too busy worrying about themselves, no one’s going to laugh.”

Keith Lewis

"We all know someone who has had cancer, and those of us that live in Merseyside and Cheshire may also know someone who has experienced the incredible care and support given by the Clatterbridge staff. Clatterbridge is not just a hospital; it’s a family."

Will Eyre

“I remember sitting in the waiting room. I noticed how the staff had a constant smile on their faces, they were always so positive it was at this point I realised just how special a place Clatterbridge is and just how incredible the people that work there are."

Charlotte Earps

“As a family, we all feel that Clatterbridge is an incredibly special place and we are forever indebted to The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. The staff gave us more time together, including an extra Christmas together."

Chelcie Faulkner

"Clatterbridge just has a nice ‘feel’ to it, it’s something you can’t explain. You can walk down the corridor and know most staff you pass, we all say hello to each other with a smile. Our patients appreciate what we do and we echo the values of Clatterbridge every day."

Sue Ollerhead

“Clatterbridge made me feel so welcome and supported. Everyone understands what you’re going through, and are there every step of the way. The staff work tirelessly, and even throughout a Pandemic they continue to offer compassion to their patients."

Aimee Davies

“I’ve never loved coming into work until I started at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. Clatterbridge really is such a special place and seeing the hugely positive impact that home and workplace treatment has on our patients, is what makes me genuinely love my job."

Pam Wearing

“The staff are second to none and the care and the compassion that they show to each and every one of their patients is phenomenal. Visiting for the first time can be an apprehensive moment, but the warmth and the support that is given to patients is tremendous."

Amy Turner

“From the minute you step foot in the hospital, you feel as though you are in the best hands which is extremely reassuring whilst you’re going through a tumultuous and challenging time. Clatterbridge is a very special place, staffed by very special people."

The Summit Seekers

“Clatterbridge is an incredible place that offers the cutting edge treatment to the people of Merseyside. All 3 of us know someone who has, or still is battling cancer; unfortunately we’ve all even lost family and friends because of it."

Deb Rothwell

“During lockdown, the majority of sporting challenge events were cancelled so I felt it was even more important to raise funds for The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity. I decided to do something that I hadn’t done before, and was possible in daily lockdown life"

Lorraine Wilson-Manns

“Throughout the pandemic, I wrote more than 15 poems, which were shared weekly with staff. Given that as a region we are going through difficult times once again I wanted to share them with everyone else in the hope they can bring comfort and some laughter."

Alex Inwood

“Unfortunately, my brother Neil passed from cancer eight years ago; his treatment at Clatterbridge was excellent. The staff always put us at ease, their commitment, compassion and professionalism were world class, I can’t thank them enough.”

Lauren McFerran

"November marks my official 5 years of being cancer free! We decided to take part in Skydive Sunday to not only raise some money this year, but we wanted an exciting way to mark my 'cancerversary'. What better way to celebrate than to jump out of a plane!"

Laura O'Brien

"I am supporting The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre because my Mum had access to the best facilities, specialists and treatment for 10 years. This is just my way of giving something back to the Centre that cared so much for my Mum and our family."

Emily Smith

"The day-to-day life of our patients are very different, and sometimes it is a struggle but we won’t hesitate to sit and have a cup of tea and chat with our patients, and reassure them that we are there for them every step of the way."

Aileen and Sarah Kearney

"We knew that we wanted to run in honour of the families we know personally who are struggling with cancer. The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre does such great work locally to support families it was the obvious choice for us."