The Summit Seekers


“Clatterbridge is an incredible place that offers the cutting edge treatment to the people of Merseyside. All 3 of us know someone who has, or still is battling cancer; unfortunately we’ve all even lost family and friends because of it. We are all up for a challenge so we grabbed the opportunity to push our limits both physically and mentally by taking on Kilimanjaro.

Whilst constructing the building it felt right to do this climb for Clatterbridge Cancer Charity to raise awareness and contribute to the continuation of it and the treatment they help provide.” - Leigh Nixon and James Walton

“I decided to support the Charity not just because I was working on the project at the time but because the week that I started on the Clatterbridge build was the week that my family found out that my Mum had been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Its only with amazing hospitals like Clatterbridge and their outstanding staff of doctors and nurses that people like my Mum have a fighting chance when it comes to beating and overcoming the frightening disease which is cancer. My family are one of the lucky ones where that my mum was able to beat the cancer and after an 18 month fight which at one point we didn’t know what would be the final outcome she was given the all clear.

Unfortunately, the Pandemic has affected everyone, but Cancer Referrals and Screenings have been significantly affected. On a positive note with the successful opening of Liverpool's First Cancer Hospital, and the incredible work of keeping patients and staff safe in all locations gave patients a fighting chance of ringing the bell. We are supporting the Fairy Appeal because without the charitable donations and fundraising of the public, charities like Clatterbridge won’t be able to continue with the help and support they give to cancer sufferers and their families. They wouldn’t be able to continue with their research and development of cancer fighting drugs which hopefully one day will be able to completely cure the disease giving patients a chance to live a long and normal life.” – Leigh Nixon, Daniel Moran and James Walton