Keith Lewis


I became a public governor in August 2019 and my role is all about representing the people, as well as supporting Clatterbridge’s staff.

When a close friend was diagnosed with cancer, I decided to fundraise for The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity. Despite being scared of heights, I took part in the charity’s Skydive Sunday and have also taken part in their annual Beside the Seaside Walk.

Clatterbridge is not just a hospital; it’s a family. The staff treat their patients as friends, they are caring, compassionate and committed. It is a very unique place, and one which I and my fellow governors are immensely proud to be a part of.

I was honoured to have been asked to be a part of the Charity’s Fairy Appeal. A very special celebration for the patients, their loved ones and staff; your support will help us to make an enormous difference to the lives of people with cancer, frontline staff and research teams by providing the highest standards of care and developing life saving treatments.

We all know someone who has had cancer, and those of us that live in Merseyside and Cheshire may also know someone who has experienced the incredible care and support given by the Clatterbridge staff. I understand that at this time it is a lot to ask, but once you have taken care of yourself andyour family please consider supporting the Fairy Appeal. Every penny raised during this appeal will make a huge difference to the lives of our patients, their families and our staff.